Cydia Server Error

Basically Cydia is  a software application for iOS devices. It allows users to browse and download other applications for ios Devices. Cydia Server error prevents you to use this application on your device.


Users have also reported 500 Internal Server Error when attempting to download different applications using Cydia. Almost every user is getting this error during downloads because Server is extremely busy handling requests. Handling the traffic is one of the core issues for Cydia especially when manufacturer release some new update for jailbreak.


If you continuously receive Server error after several attempts, perform the following troubleshooting steps:


Set Date and Time on Device


Cydia Server error is clearly back-end issue with server which is handling traffic. Try setting Time and Date on your device through steps given below.


1.      Turn On iPhone by pressing and holding Sleep/Wake button | It should be fully charged

2.      On a fully charged battery, tap Settings on Home Screen | GOTO General

3.      Scroll up to see Date and Time | Tap Date & Time

4.      Disable Turned On feature by Turning “Set Automatically” to OFF

5.      Now Tap on Time Zone field | Enter name of your city or country

6.      iPhone would automatically display TimeZone of your city

7.      Now Tap Time | Set hours, minutes

8.      Tap Date & Time  once done


Reinstall Cydia with re-jailbreak


Try reinstalling Cydia without carrying out another jailbreak on your device. To do that, follow the steps given below.


1.      Turn ON your iPhone and Connect it to Computer

2.      Both your Computer and iPhone should be connected to an active Wi-Fi

3.      Your Wi-Fi hot-spot should be assigned valid IP

4.      Install SFTP program on your system

5.      Insert IP under Host Name of iPhone

6.      Login with root/alpine and type following

“ssh root@your.iPhone.ip.address”

7.      Remove current Cydia through following command

apt-get install cydia

8.      Download Cydia without jailbreak


Try installing Cydia Manually


Follow the procedure given below to install Cydia manually.


1.      Turn On your computer and download DEB file from Cydia server

2.      Save the file on your system

3.      From your computer launch SFTP Client Program

4.      Connect your iPhone to computer

5.      Now SSH the DEB file from computer to your iPhone

6.      Tap Cydia DEB file | Tap Installer

7.      You are done