Cydia Themes - The Top Cydia Themes and Fun for Your iPhone

You did a jailbreak on your iPhone, and now you are ready to change from the boring, average looking interface to one of the cool Cydia themes for your phone. You do not want some boring, tired looking theme, but something with some real sizzle. You may want to consider some of these top Cydia themes.

The Crump Cydia Theme is going to make you feel like your iPhone just moved into the stone age. This would be the theme Fred Flintstone or Barney Rubble would choose for their iPhone. The buttons look like chips of colored stone, with a great looking crumpled blue background.

Crumpy Cydia Theme

Are you a hamburger fanatic? The Burger King Cydia theme may be exactly what you are looking for. It fills your iPod with pictures of delicious looking hamburgers. Do not blame the phone for your cravings and weight gain as you cannot resist stopping for a burger.

Burger Cydia Theme

If you love your Nintendo games, then the Super Mario Cydia theme is your perfect choice. It will turn your iPhone into a gallery of all your favorite Super Mario characters. It gives you a little escape from the serious business of phone calls and email.

Super Mario Cydia Theme (21328)

For a sexy look on your iPhone choose the Creuscolo Girls Cydia theme. You will have beautiful images of the worlds sexiest women, over 500 icons, sounds, and images. A great theme to help raise your hormone levels.

Creuscolo Girls Cydia Theme

Another of the top Cydia themes is the Ghost Ice theme. It gives you a great looking, ghostly appearing, icy theme to make your iPhone look a world apart from all your friends.

Ghost Ice Theme

One thing to keep in mind, your phone will need to have Winterboard already loaded to use these Cydia Themes. If you have not already installed Winterboard you will need to download it, and have it installed before downloading any Cydia themes. If you need to find Winterboard, one of the best sources is TheBigBoss.Org

Sites for Cydia themes seem to always keep changing. The top Cydia sources today can easily be gone tomorrow. Often the best way to find themes is to search when you are ready to load a new theme. Your sources will be up to date and ready for you to download. You can find many themes and other apps listed from TheBigBoss, too.

You may be wondering why you would go to all this trouble just to get some custom themes. It is not just a matter of themes, but the added capability and functions which can be found through a jailbroke iPhone. The available applications, and the features in themes which are not available in even the 4.0 version of the iPhone OS.

The added beauty of the best Cydia themes is just one more added bonus. Go ahead and beautify your phone, show your personality, and start having some real fun with your iPhone, not just the fun Apple and AT&T agree to.