Cydia is an iPhone app designed to allow users to download apps with a "jailbroken" phone. There are thousands of Cydia themes available. Choosing the theme that suits your personal taste is a matter of browsing through different lists of available themes.


Before I get to the Cydia theme screenshots and descriptions below, I want to mention the best ways to find Cydia themes. Such themes can be found quite easily through a simple Google search. Many sites offer them for free, however some websites may charge a small fee. You can find thousands of Cydia theme screen shots through image websites such as Yahoo Images and Google Images. Also don't count out the possibility of creating your own Cydia themes.


Here is a list of 10 Cydia themes.




Cydia Theme #1. Matrix - Based on the popular movie series "The Matrix", this theme resembles the classic green graphic from the movie. It is a must have for any Matrix fan.





Cydia Theme #2. Twitter - Anyone who enjoys posting Tweets on Twitter will love the Cydia Twitter theme. It features the classic logo in the background as well as the Twitter bird.



ed h

Cydia Theme #3. Ed Hardy - Designed after the popular clothing line. The Ed Hardy theme features the company's signature logo as well as various artwork from the company.



ap e


Cydia Theme #4. Apple Element - The Apple Element theme features various neon colars. It is a relatively simple theme perfect for anyone who wants a basic yet cooling looking theme.






Cydia Theme #5. Super Mario Bros. - The Super Mario Brothers theme is perfect for any Nintendo fan. It features a variety of classic characters, such as Mario, Koopa Troopa, and the 1 up mushroom.


wood (25285)


Cydia Theme #6. Wood Realize - The Wood Realize theme makes your icons appear to be sitting on a shelf. Its a pretty cool theme that gives your wallpaper some depth.


live (25286)


Cydia Theme #7. LiveStrong - The LiveStrong theme features a plain black setting with yellow icons. It was developed by the popular health and wellness website.



hello kit


Cydia theme #8. Hello Kitty - Anyone fan of Hello Kitty will ove the this theme. It feautures Hello Kitty icons as well background.





Cydia theme #9. Xmas - The Christmas theme for the Cydia is just in time for the holidays. Its icon images feature Santa, Frosty, presents, and more. What's a better way of getting into the Christmas spirit?





Cydia theme #10. Windows 7 - This theme features wallpaper as welll as icons from Microsoft's Windows 7. Users of the operating system will feel right at home with this theme.