Cyprus is a popular holiday destination with its warm, sparkling blue ocean, soft sandy beaches and a wealth of historical sites to visit. The magnificent scenery of both the coastal regions and the mountains and its warm, year round climate make it a perfect place for a holiday any time of the year. Whenever you choose to visit Cyprus you'll enjoy the relaxed, outdoor lifestyle, bathe in the warm, crystal clear waters and if you are more active, enjoy all the outdoor activities available.

Aphrodite's Rock
Aphrodite's Rock

Cyprus is a beautiful island in the Eastern Mediterranean with sand or pebble beaches, wonderful turquoise blue water and a magnificent coastline than has to be seen to be believed. In winter the Troodos Mountains are snow capped and in Spring everywhere is carpeted by colorful wild flowers. You can explore ruined castles and monasteries, tombs and catacombs all filled with the mystery and fascination of the rich history of Cyprus. It is here that Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of love, has her legendary birthplace. In mythical tales Aphrodite was born on the ocean foam close to the town of Paphos and was wafted ashore on a scallop shell by the breezes of the Zephyrs. The rock, now known as Petra tou Romiou is where she was reputed to have landed on Cyprus.

Cyprus today has an attraction for holiday makers who come for the warm climate, the magnificent scenery and the many activities found here. The Akamas Peninsula nature reserve is a vast area covered in thick forest with nature trails bordering the ocean. Walking along the trails you'll see spectacular views of the Bay of Polis. The reserve is inaccessible in many places which has made it a haven for all kinds of fauna and flora which flourish away from civilisation. There is a also loggerhead turtle sanctuary in the reserve. Akamas is popular for horse riding and hiking in the hills and mountains and has some popular historical spots to visit.

One of the most popular is the Baths of Aphrodite, a charming pool fed by a spring surrounded by lush landscape. In myths Aphrodite was sai to bathe in the pool after swimming in the ocean. it was here that she met Adonis, her lover, when he came across her bathing naked while he was hunting in the forest. They both saw the beauty of each other and fell in love. Close by is the ruined castle of Pyrgos (actually a monastery) where Aphrodite took refuge after her bath.

Cyprus has many modern resorts with a wealth of historical interest as well as more modern entertainment. There are regular operas and concerts in most of the towns and museums and art collections to visit. All over Cyprus are ancient Greek and Roman sites to visit. Paphos is famous for its beautiful, well preserved floor mosaics and the Tomb of Kings, an underground tomb complete with Doric columns and wall friezes.

Cyprus is the perfect place for your holiday. Whether you want a relaxing beach holiday with warm, clear water to swim in or an active holiday playing golf or hiking in the mountains you will find it in Cyprus. When you have had your fill of sunbathing be sure to visit one of the sites of ancient Greece or Rome to immerse yourself in the rich heritage of Cyprus.

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