The only difference between that of the Dyson DC34 Animal & that of the DC34 Animal exclusive is just the colour they come in -- where the Animal is purple & the Animal exclusive is platinum (that can only be bought directly through Every other aspect remains the same - niether version is or isn't better than the other i.e they are identical.

To give a quick overview: the DC34 Animal & Animal Exclusive both offer the same dual power mode for standard (28 Air Watts of constant suction) mode & boost mode (for particularly tough stains, 65 Air Watts of constant suction) -- allowing them to offer "twice the suction power as that of conventional handheld vacuum cleaners". This is allowed through Dyson's unique & ultra efficient & powerful Digitial Motor V2 and re-assembled 22.2 lithium ion battery (hence they also share the same battery life i.e run time too, 15 minutes on standard mode, 13 minutes with the brush bar & 6 minutes on boost mode -- with approximately a 3.5 hour charge time from dead to full, indicated by an LED display stating the condition of the battery).

Moreover, they have the integrated standard level root cyclone technology which basically affords them three distinct benefits over that of standard non-Dyson handheld vacuum cleaners: i) they can operate without a bag (saving you the maintenance & constant running cost that will come with replacing vacuum bags, especialyl with a handheld. Moreover, you also get the benefit of knowing instantly when it needs emptying as it is transparent.) ii) they don't suffer with loss of suction (again like with non Dyson vacuum cleaners, a common issue is their suction power slowly diminishes with the gradual build up of dirt in their bin capacity) & iii) finally it generates high centrifugal forces that in turn means a very good pick-up rate of debris & dirt varying from pet hair to microscopic dust particles.

They also share the same practical features & specifciations -- being featherweight (weighing in at 1.33 kg) which has been ergonomically distrubted within the handle to give the user an added feel of control & yet further lightness. Furthermore, with them both being animal versions -- they recieve the exact same attachments & accessories: the brush bar, the combination tool (basically a crevice tool that can be used for vacuuming awkward gaps & spaces which also doubles up with a brush bar to allow for powered dusting in and your home too), a stair tool (that can also be used on upholstery) & a mini motorised tool, egineered specifically for the use of effective pet hair pick up.

If you are interested in improving the functionality of your DC34 vacuum further I suggest you take a look at getting hold of the Dyson cordless tool kit that features an extra four specific attachments that will come in very useful e.g. the soft dusting brush (for cleaning delciate areas) & stubborn dirt brush (to remove tough dug-in stains from soft flooring).

Both machines when bought new come with the same industry leading two year warranty coverage for parts & labour. They are also fitted with filtration systems that prevent allergens, pollen, dust particles & bacteria etc. from being expelled into the air whilst vacuuming, hence making it safe for those with breathing issues e.g. asthmatics & allergy sufferers etc.

Which version should you buy -- the Animal or Animal exclusive?

Unless, you are bothered about the colour that the DC34 turns up in (purple or platinum, I wouldn't care but if it came down to it I would probably opt for the latter -- the exclusive version) -- then obviously just go for the one that is at the cheapest price, since as made clear above it is the exact same model with the same warranty & accessories etc. ( alsobe sure to check out other online retailers e.g. etc. to see if they are selling either version for a better price than ordering it from Dyson directly also).

However, Dyson now have a new 'updated' & 'upgraded' Dyson handheld vacuum in their range -- the ultra powerful DC58 handheld -- check out here, how it fairs against the DC34, in a comparison of features & specifications. Also, giving you an indication as to which model you should buy & why.

Also, if you have any questions, comments or concerns regarding either the article: DC34 Animal or DC34 Animal exclusive or about the DC34 handheld specifically or DC58 - then please be sure to just make them in the comments section below (literally anything e.g. accessory compability with the DC34) & we will be sure to get back to you as soon as possible.