What's the Difference?

A brief comparison article that summarises and reviews the main differences as well as the commonalities between the two cordless Dyson Digital slim vacuums -- the DC35 (mark I) and the DC44 (mark II) -- helping you to ultimately decide which one is best for you and your specific needs and preferences, relative to its price tag. Note the DC44 and DC45 are interchangable, as they are the same vacuum.

Which Offers the Best Suction Cleaning Power? 

Both the DC35 and DC44 come with two suction modes i.e 'dual power': the 'standard' option and 'boost' option. With the standard mode, there is essentially no difference they both generate 28 Air watts (which isn't that powerful in fairness, just about sufficient to a standard clean on hard-flooring and soft-flooring). However, when we take into account the second option, boost mode the DC35 can generate 60 Air Watts whereas the DC44 produces an extra 5 Air Watts to 65. Therefore, clearly the DC44 offers the best suction cleaning power between the two (marginally), this being said, both Digital Slims (particularly when on boost mode) are able to offer you a high standard cleaning job.

Dyson DC44 Animal Digital Slim MK2
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(price as of Aug 17, 2013)

Which Offers the Best Cleaning performance?

The DC35 and DC44 are both equipped with Dyson's unique Root Cyclone technology (which basically allows for no loss of suction as well as for the DC35/DC44 to operate on a bagless system), hence no differences to be had here on the cleaning performance. However, the DC44 is fitted with a more advanced motorised carbon fibre cleaner head than that of the DC35 -- offering two types of bristles for various floor surfaces (stiff nylon for removing dirt from carpets and 'ultra-fine' for removing dust from hard flooring) as well as "twice the power" of the DC35 to dig the bristles deeper into the flooring to remove dirt. Therefore, the DC44 offers 'overall' a higher cleaning standard (on both modes) than that of the DC35.

What is Easier to Use and Handle? 

The DC35 and DC44 are effectively the same in this regard both being the same size (height: 112 x width: 23 x depth: 30 cm) as well as  asimilar weighting (DC35: 2.2kg and DC44: 2.25kg) which has been ergonomically distributed within the grip to focus it is center of gravity in order to allow the Dyson Digital slim to be used with "balanced floor to ceiling cleaning". It should be noted however, about the difference in 'run times' (i.e battery life), the DC44 can run for 20 minutes on standard mode whereas the DC35 only operates for 15 minutes (with boost mode -- DC44: 8 minutes  and DC35: 5 minutes).


Dyson DC35 Digitial Slim Multi floor cordless vacuum cleaner
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(price as of Aug 17, 2013)

Which Offers Better Practical Features?  

Unofficially the DC44 is quicker to charge to full battery at 3.5 hours whereas the DC35 is said to take an extra half hour (i.e 4 hours). In regards, to the additional attachments that are provided with the DC35 and DC44 they are the same (keeping in with the same version e.g. multi-floor and animal) -- multi-floor: a combination tool (combines as a crevice tool and brush nozzle) and with the animal version: mini pet turbine tool designed for effective and efficient pick up of pet hairs, as well as being provided with the nifty wall mounted docking station.

You should note though, the bin capacity (of both) is rather small at 0.35 litres, obviously however the Dyson Digital Slims are not intended to replace that of a fully sized vacuum cleaner rather that they supplement them. Moreover, you can remove the aluminium (66cm) wand to utilise it in the same manner as a Dyson DC34 (i.e a handheld vacuum) for intimate and awkward vacuuming such as cleaning the car. Also, just to point out a couple of additional factors -- the DC35 and DC44 are both intended for 'All Floors' however, several owners of the Dyson Digital slim (both Mark I and Mark II) advise to get the 'Dyson Articulating Hard Floor Tool' if you are planning for cleaning on hard floors as it produces an excellent finish. You will also notice that the actual cleaner head is designed to be 'low-profile' allowing cleaning under furniture (hence saving you the hassle of moving objects out the way etc.)

Conclusion: DC35 Vs DC44 -- Which to Buy?

To conclude then, it is obvious that the better cleaning machine and performer of the two is the DC44 which is rather expected given that it is the latest update (i.e the mark II version). However, what needs to be considered is the respective price of the two and whether the difference between them makes up for the extra value that the DC44 offers and in fairness this is a personal call for you. I believe, the DC44 does give you a significant edge over that of the DC35 as a cleaning machine -- to briefly recap as to why from the points above -- it is more powerful, has a longer battery life, offers a better cleaning performance etc. Which are three of the main factors that individuals are looking for in a cordless vacuum. You also have to consider the version you are after 'multi-floor' and 'animal' and to bear in mind that the latter will be more expensive in general due to the extra mini pet hair turbine tool that is provided.

(Quick tip: when trying to find the best price for the DC44 or DC35 be sure to check out the refurbished models that are on offer, you will often find that they come with a significant discount. Certainly worth considering.)

Dyson DC44 Animal Vacuum - Refurbished
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(price as of Aug 17, 2013)

If you have any questions, comments, concerns regarding the actual comparison article 'DC35 Vs DC44' (DC35 Vs DC45) or about either model (Mark I or Mark II) individually then please do not hesitate to make them in the comments section below and I will be sure to get back to you as soon as possible.