DC40 Vs DC59

Are you debating as to whether to get hold of a Dyson DC40 upright (corded) vacuum or a (cordless) Dyson Digital Slim Mark III DC59 vacuum -- however are unsure as to their differences as well ultimately which one offers you the best value for money. Well, here we take a look at what variations & commonalities they encompass within their vacuum components & aspects -- which will provide you with a clearer view as to what each model can offer you as well as which vacuum is right for you.

The Cleaning Performance & Suction Power

The DC59 is the first cordless vacuum cleaner to offer the same power as that of a corded vacuum cleaner -- this is due to three main upgrades made on its predecessor (the Dyson Digital Slim Mark II, DC44): the improved Dyson Digital Motor V6, new re-configured Cobalt battery (supplying an extra 50% of suction power) as well as a fitted new two-tier radial root cyclone system. It operates on a dual power mode system: standard & boost (for the tougher aspects) whereby it offers just less than 100 AW of constant suction (comparable to a Dyson DC24 vacuum cleaner).

However, compared with the DC40 -- the DC59 doesn't offer nearly the same cleaning performance. The DC40 is packed with 200 AW of constant suction & although fitted with the less advanced single tier radial root cyclone technology it can still offer a far greater pick up rate than the DC59 offers. Moreover, the DC40's self-adjusting cleaner head allows for a more optimal clean due to it self adjusting to the type of flooring that it is vacuuming. 

Dyson DC40 Multi floor upright vacuum cleaner
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(price as of Mar 19, 2016)

The Mobility & General 'Ease of Use' Aspect

When comparing the two, obviously due to the fact that the DC59 has been pretty much designed with the sole purpose of being ultra lightweight (weighing in at just 2.25 kg) & ergonomic in use (with the weight centralised around the handle to give a sense of added balance & lightness) as well of course being cordless -- gives clear reasoning to the fact the DC59 is by far an easier cleaning machine to operate. Even in the cordless stick market (built with the intention of being easy to use), the DC59 is considered at the highest level on 'ease of use'.

Dyson DC59 Animal Cordless Vacuum Cleaner
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(price as of Mar 19, 2016)

This being said, compare the DC40 with other upright vacuum cleaner in this regard & it is performs very well due to it being light (6.7 kg) along with being fitted with a centralised Dyson ball -- allows it to essentially turn instantly on a singular dime (whereas other competing upright vacuum cleaners are often heavier & are fixed with a rigid wheel system that means you have to drag it back and forth to get around tight & awkward corners). In all, both options will appeal greatly to those who are after 'ease of use' as a top priority in a vacuum (particularly for those with mobility issues etc.).

The Practical Features & Specifications

As the DC40 is a functional full size vacuum cleaner it offers more extensive practical specifications e.g. a larger bin capacity (1.6 litres, whereas the DC59 has just 0.35 litres) than the DC59. This being said, the obvious advantage with the DC59 being cordless is that its cleaning reach is only limited by the size (dimensions: 112 x 23 x 30 cm) it can basically operate anywhere, whereas the DC40 is limited by its cleaning reach (12.4 metres) as well as its cord length (7.5 metres). Again, though the DC59 is limited by its battery life (lasting up to 26 minutes on standard mode & 6 minutes on constant boost mode -- taking approximately four hours to charge in the wall mounted docking station that is provided).

A great feature that adds a whole lot of value to the DC59 is that it is essentially a 2 in1 vacuum being able to double up as a handheld vacuum (through removing the wand & adding the crevice tool) -- becoming pretty much the DC58 handheld vacuum -- hence allowing you to perform intricate cleaning jobs such as the inside of the car & stair way etc.

With regards to the attachments that are provided -- they are pretty much identical, both receive: a combination tool (which allows them to clean tight & awkward gaps with the ability to double up with a brush nozzle to essentially power dust) & stair tool (which can also be used on upholstery). The Animal versions i.e the DC40 Animal & DC59 Animal also get a specialised pet hair tool -- the DC40 receives the tangle free turbine tool & DC59 gets the mini motorised turbine. 

With the DC40 it is worth noting that 'more' additional accessories & attachments can be bought, as it is more compatible with a greater range of attachments than the DC59 -- such as the Dyson Groom tool (an advanced pet hair tool that can be used directly your dog).

Further Information

The DC40 is backed by a five year warranty cover for both parts & labour, whereas the DC59 is on a coverage plan (for parts & labour as well) but only for two years. 

Both vacuum cleaners have been integrated with a filtration system that captures allergens, pollen, bacteria and ultra fine dust particles from being released into the air whilst vacuuming (in essence only expelling clean healthy air) -- which is obviously particularly beneficial for those who have breathing issues e.g. asthmatics or are allergy sufferers etc.

Which Vacuum Should You Buy -- the DC40 or DC59?

In all, the DC59 is only ment to supplement your normal vacuum cleaner -- for quick, effective & convenient use in and around the home (e.g. for cleaning up stairs, so you don't have to lug your heavy one  up and down the stair way or quickly before guests are due on arrival). The DC40 is for those who are actually in need of a proper vacuum cleaner that is easy to use, is fairly compact and offers sufficient power to do an excellent cleaning job on all bits of debris & dirt on all floor types.

Which model will you choose & why? Also, if you have any questions, remarks or concerns regarding either the comparison article: DC40 Vs DC59 or about either model specifically (e.g. clarify DC59 accessories compatibility) then please do not hesitate to make them in the comments section just below and we will be sure to get back to you as soon as possible.