What is the Difference Between the DC44 and DC44 Mk2?

If you are trying to work out the difference between the DC44 and DC44 Mk2 -- there actually isn’t any, it is the exact same model. The Mk 2 simply refers to mark II (or make 2) of the Dyson digital slim range. In essence there is no DC44 Vs DC44 Mk2 -- as they are the exact same cordless vacuum cleaner (apart from a difference within version however i.e Dyson DC44 Multi-floor Vs DC44 Animal)..

Whereby the Dyson digital slim Mark I (or Mk 1) is essentially the Dyson DC35 cordless digital slim vacuum and hence the Digital slim Mark II then being the Dyson DC44 (and with the new release of the DC59 cordless vacuum, this would be the Digital Slim Mk 3). Understandably, it could be somewhat confusing at first … if you see one DC44 model with no reference to a Mk and then another with a Mk2, you would presume the latter DC44 cordless vacuum to have been upgrade to the former DC44 Mk1 (but of course this isn’t the case).

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Just to give an overview of the DC44 Dyson Digital Slim Mark II

Dyson DC44 - Cleaning Performance

With regards to the actual cleaning performance - the DC44 offers two suction modes, the Standard option which operates at 28 Air Watts and the Boost option producing an extra 70% more suction at 65 Air Watts (a simple trigger allows you to switch between the two).

It is also fitted with Dyson’s well regarded & unique Root Cyclone technology, this allows several benefits for the Digital Slim Mk2: i) it can operate without a bag i.e is bagless (so you can clearly see when the bin needs emptying & don’t need to keep buying vacuum bag replacements), ii) there is no loss of suction (where with the gradual build of dust & dirt in the bin, it still offers a constant level of suction performance) and iii) it generates high centrifugal forces to allow the pick up of microscopic dust particles. Note: it is suited to all floor types - both soft & hard based flooring.

Also compared to the DC35 (i.e Mk1) version, the DC44 comes with a far more advanced carbon fibre filaments cleaner head -- that has a far greater suck up rate (proved to be 100% more effective) as well as being made lighter.

Dyson DC44 Animal Digital Slim MK2
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(price as of Nov 4, 2013)

Dyson DC44 Mk2 Run Time

As it is a cordless vacuum, you do get the obvious benefit of ‘freedom of movement’ but are handicapped by the amount of time you can actually spend vacuuming due to it running on a rechargeable 22.2 volt lithium ion battery -- this affords you (on a full powered battery) 20 minutes on standard mode and 8 minutes on boost mode. The time it takes to go from dead to full charge is around 3.5 hours, that you can put in the wall mounted docking station (which also stores it neatly away) after use.

Dimensions & Specifications

In terms of practical specifications -- it measures by 121 cm in height (66cm for the aluminium & electrical  tube), 20.5 cm in width and 21.6 cm in depth and weighs in at just 2.2 kg (with the weight distributed within the handle, to give that added lightness & ergonomic feel), hence is extremely light (as it is intended for use not just on floors but for it to reach high as well with ceilings & curtains as well). The Mk2 like the DC35 is essentially a 2 in 1 vacuum, this basically means it has the ability to turn into the DC34 -- a handheld vacuum (so you can perform more intricate cleaning jobs such as vacuuming the stairs or the car). All that is required is you remove the tube and connect the cleaner handle to the base and you’re good to go. Note:  bear in mind the bin capacity (0.35 litres) is much smaller than that of a standard sized vacuum.


The accessories that come with the DC44 Mk2 are the: combination tool, which is basically a crevice tool used for vacuuming tight & awkward gaps that has the ability to double up as a brush nozzle for essentially powered dusting. If you get the Animal version (i.e DC44 Animal) instead of the DC44 Multi-floor, it also comes with the mini motorised turbine tool that is specifically designed for effective pick up of dog and cat hair. Note: as mentioned above, you get the wall mounted docking station as well.

If you have any questions regarding either the overview comparison account of the DC44 Vs DC44 Mk2 or about the DC44 Animal Digital Slim cordless vacuum in general then please do not hesitate to make them just below in the comments section (below the fold) and we will be sure to get back to you as soon as possible.