Compact Canister Vs Compact Upright

If you are after a powerful yet compact vacuum cleaner and have ultimately come to the decision between choosing the (relatively) new upright Dyson DC50 and the cylinder/canister Dyson DC47 -- then this is the right place. Here, we will briefly & objectively highlight their differences as well as their similarities amongst features and specifications, but ultimately helping you decide which one is better suited your specific needs and preferences.

Cleaning Performance & Fitted Technology

DC47: Constant Cleaning Suction -- 180 Air Watts | Two-tier Radial Root Cyclone 

DC50: Constant Cleaning Suction -- 140 Air Watts | Two-tier Radial Root Cyclone

If you have conducted any research into the Dyson canister DC47 & the Dyson DC50, you will know in this regard they are pretty similar: the DC47 has encompasses the better constant suction power at 180 air watts whereas the DC50 has 140 Air watts of constant suction power (40 air watt difference) -- both are also fitted with the very latest Root cyclone technology: the two tier radial root cyclone technology (that basically means they can generate incredibly high centrifugal forces that lets them pick up dirt and debris as small as 0.5 microns, as well as not suffering from loss of suction) and feature 'improved' cleaner heads (in the DC50's case it can self-adjust to different flooring with improved efficiency & the DC47's cleaner head has a dual channel mechanism that flicks the carpet twice to allow even greater pick up).

In all, even though they are like less than 2/3rds of the size of the a standard vacuum cleaner -- they perform (if not to a better standing in most cases) like a fully sized vacuum. I am pretty sure you will be positively surprised at just how well the DC47 and DC50 suck up -- with regards to which one is better -- they are actually very similar in cleaning to an excellent level, but because the DC47 is a canister as well as edging it on the overall power that can be produced -- I would argue it somewhat edges the DC50 in this regard.

Dyson DC50 Ball Compact Animal Upright Vacuum Cleaner, Iron/Purple
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(price as of Jan 18, 2016)

Manoeuvrability & Mobility 

DC47: Cylinder/Canister Vacuum, 'Updated' (2nd Gen) Dyson Ball, Weight: 6.08 kg

DC50: Upright Vacuum, 'Updated' (2nd Gen) Dyson Ball, Weight: 5.4 kg

As you can see both are clearly incredibly lightweight and are fitted with the highly regarded (& improved) Dyson Ball technology -- they are both (compared within their respective model types i.e canister and uprights) awesome to handle. Choosing between the two though, simply comes down to the question of the advantages & disadvantages of a canister vacuum to an upright vacuum (and vice versa) and ultimately depends on your preferences. If you are still unsure after weighing up the respective pros and cons, you are going to have to try them both out either at the local store or ask a friend (or perhaps even the store) for a trial run of each -- and see which you warm to most.


DC47: Combination Tool, Stair (Upholstery) Tool & [Tangle Free Turbine Tool]

DC50: Combination Tool, Stair (Upholstery) Tool & [Tangle Free Turbine Tool]

Both the DC47 & DC50 are provided with the same identical accessories -- the combination tool (which is basically a crevice tool for vacuuming tight and awkward gaps that also doubles up with a brush nozzle to allow for powered dusting) as well as a stair tool (that can also be used on upholstery).

Multi-Floor or Animal?

(DC47 Multi-floor Vs DC47 Animal & DC50 Multi-floor Vs DC50 Animal)

You may have also noticed that both the DC47 & DC50 come in a multi-floor & animal version, the only difference being that the multi-floor is provided with the above listed accessories whereas the animal version gets an additional 'pet hair' tool -- the highly regarded 'Tangle-free turbine tool' which is basically a specialised motor attachment specifically designed for effective pet hair pick up. So, that's why the Animal version is often a little more expensive than the multi-floor version and should only really be bought if your household has a pet hair issue.

Moreover, you can buy additional accessories to improve the functionality of your vacuum further such as with getting hold of the Dyson Home Cleaning Kit that offers three extra attachments such as the soft dusting brush to allow you to clean delicate surfaces/areas without fear of scratching them etc. You can purchase certain accessories individually, but you will find when buying them in a bundle package you are subject to fair better discounts and value.

Dyson Home Cleaning Kit
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(price as of Jan 18, 2016)
* Soft Dusting Brush
* Stubborn Dirt Brush
* Up-top (Multi-angle) Dirt Brush

Practical Specifications

DC47: Size - H: 29.2  x W: 22.2 x D: 44.8  cm. Cord - 5 m. Reach - 8.3 m. Bin Size: 0.58 litres.

DC50: Size - H: 106.4 x W: 28 x D: 35.4 cm. Cord - 7.6 m. Reach - 8.7 m. Bin Size: 0.8 litres.

As the DC47 & DC50 are compact vacuum cleaners their practical specifications aren't that extensive hence a relatively small bin capacity and restricted 'overall max reach' capability -- and this is something you should take note of. The DC47 and DC50 are meant for those with the smaller apartment/flat/house -- because if used in a medium/larger sized home you will obviously come into issues such as the cord length being too short or having to constantly go and empty the bin on a regular basis (if you do have a medium/large sized home you are better off considering the cylinder: Dyson DC39 or the upright: Dyson DC40 or DC41.

Additional Information

When bought new both the DC47 and DC50 are granted with a 5 year warranty guarantee for both parts and labour, so if anything was to go wrong within this specified period of time you are backed for it to be fixed like new -- free of charge. You will struggle to find a better warranty than that for a new vacuum cleaner. Moreover, both are fitted with a filter mechanism to prevent allergens and dust particles from being expelled into the air and are hence safe to be used by allergy sufferers or those who asthmatic.

Should You Buy the DC47 or DC50?

Whether you get the DC47 or the DC50 -- basically comes down to both the minor issues of i) do you want a slightly more powerful machine? (get the DC47) or ii) the more practical machine? (get the DC50 with a larger max reach and bin capacity) but the main decision to make is between that of a canister and an upright vacuum. As mentioned, if you are really unsure then it is best to give them both a test run in some shape or form, but I can tell you with the utmost confidence that you won't be disappointed in either (as long as the home you are cleaning with it is appropriate in size) the DC47 or DC50.

If you have any questions, comments or remarks regarding either the comparison article "DC50 Vs DC47" or about either of the models (e.g. the DC47's or DC50's mechanical features & details) specifically then please be sure to make them in the comments section below and I will be sure to get back to you as soon as possible.