These two canister vacuums from Dyson -- the DC49 and DC54 -- are pretty much aimed at complete opposite ends of the spectrum, where the latter is a powerful & large canister vacuum intended for those who want to clean a big areas to extremely high standards whereas the the DC49 is about being ultra compact (fitting on a single A4 sheet of paper), practically silent & being as close to featherweight as you can get with a vacuum. This comparison account takes a look at each individual aspect & contrasts of them both with one another -- providing you with a clear idea of what each canister model can offer you & ultimately which is better suited to your cleaning needs & preferences.

Cleaning Power & Performance

The DC54 is now considered pretty much the most powerful vacuum that Dyson has in its range with it also being the only vacuum to be fitted with its state-of-the-art Cinetic technology (at least so far) -- that basically incorporates 54 mini highly efficient cyclones that generates incredibly high centrifugal forces (more so than any other vacuum cyclone system) that forcefully separates debris, dirt & dust particles from all floor types. This DC54 model is a significant leap in this regard on its replacement the Dyson DC39 which produces 280 AW of constant suction power in itself.

The DC49 in contrast is powered from a Digital Motor (V4) which is what they use within their cordless models & in their Airblade systems -- but very impressively (given its miniature size) it can conjure up 180 AW of constant suction with integrated Radial Root Cyclone technology. So don't by any means dismiss the DC49 as not being powerful enough -- as it will perform a more than adequate job around your home on any type of flooring.

Both technologies also afford them the two benefits of operating on a bagless mechansim (saving you the running costs of constantly having to replace them and knowing instantly when the bin needs to be emptied) as well as not suffering with a loss of suction (whereas with some vacuum cleaners the greater build up of debris, their suction power tends to diminish - not so with a Dyson vacuum).

Mobility & Manoeuvrability 

Moreover, the DC49 is actually Dyson's smallest ever vacuum (dimensions: 25.3 x 38.2 x 20.1 cm -- obviously great for those with limited storage e.g. on a caravan, motor home) & lightest at just 4.9 kg as well as coming with an integrated Dyson Ball (allowing it to essentially turn on a dime instantly) makes the DC49 of course as you can imagine amazingly easy to use. Pretty much like its not even there in truth & that you are just moving round cleaning with its carbon fibre turbine head.

In contrast, although the DC54 is a bit of a larger beast (dimensions: 36.8 x 26.1 x 50.7 cm) &with it weighing in at 2.7 kg more (i.e 7.6 kg), it still features the Dyson ball technology -- making it again (especially in comparison to many other canister vacuums that operate on a rigid wheel mechanism) both incredibly agile & easy to manoeuvre in and around the house. Both machines are obviously superb options for those who have comfortable & ergonomic use as being a vital aspect of the vacuum (for instance those with mobility issues or are elderly etc.).

Practicality Specifications & Features

Not only is the DC49 both the lightest & smallest vacuum that Dyson have ever produced it is also the "quietest" vacuum with it being acoustically engineered with sound dampeners, sound improvements & various other acoustic engineering. However, it is rather limited in practical term given that it only has a maximum reach of 13.52 metres (telescope length of 8.52 metres + 5 metre cord length) and is hence only intended for cleaning very small cleaning spaces. The DC54 on the other hand is packed with extensive specifications as it is intended as a family vacuum & cleaning a mid to large sized home with a reach of 16.5 metres (10 metres telescope reach + 6.5 metres cord length) & a fitted 2 litre bin capacity.

They do however, share the same attachments -- the combination tool (primarily used for powered dusting & getting into tight gaps) and the stair tool (which can also be used for upholstery). Moreover, if you get the Animal version of the DC54 -- you also get a specifically engineered attachment: tangle free turbine tool, which effectively & efficiently picks up pet hair.

Further Information

They have both covered with a 5 year warranty that covers both parts & labour.

Moreover, the DC49 has a specialised filter system that prevents allergens & dust from being expelled into the air. The DC54 works on a similar premise but the Cinetic technology allows it to actually carry out the same but have no need for filters (saving you the maintenance cost of cleaning them & replacing them) -- see the video below on how it works.

Conclusion: Which Should You Buy the DC49 or DC54?

Which model you choose obviously depends on the cleaning situation you want a canister vacuum for. If you are very tight on space and/or you are wanting a particularly quiet vacuum as well as being incredibly light and easy to carry around -- then obviously the DC49 model is the one you should opt for. However, if you are wanting a cleaning machine that you intend for cleaning the entire house, then DC54's power & cleaning performance along with its fitted practical specifications obviously make it the more suited candidate.

Let me know which model you choose. Also, if you have any questions, comments, concerns regarding either the comparison article 'DC49 Vs DC54' or about either model specifically then please do not hesitate to make them in the comments section that you will find just below and we will be sure to get back to you as soon as possible.

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