This is a brief review reflecting my own personal and rather objective opinions of the Dyson DC50 as well as the general consensus as to 'how good a vacuum the Dyson DC50 actually is' (through public reviews of people who have owned the DC50 for a sustainded period) -- highlighting both its advantages as well as its disadvantages across the vacuum cleaner's entire range of specifications and features. Ultimately, this account aims to make you clear as to whether this is the right vacuum for you & your specific needs and preferences -- and how much 'overall' value it offers in respect to its price tag. Moreover, one will go into a simple 3 step method in order to help find you the best price & best overall deal for the Dyson DC50.

Dyson DC50 Ball Compact Animal Upright Vacuum Cleaner, Iron/Purple - Corded
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(price as of Aug 8, 2016)

What makes the DC50 so good...

Well firstly, it is incredibly easy to use -- two main reasons as to why that is i) it incredibly light (one of the lightest upright vacuum cleaners in Dyson's entire range) weighing at just 5.4 kg and ii) is fitted with the very latest Dyson Ball technology -- which you may have seen with the DC41, DC40, DC25, DC24 -- however for the Dyson DC50 they have improved it further still, allowing you to essentially to have complete control and ease of use when operating the DC50. Nothing really compares in the mobility aspect within the vacuum world. I encourage you to go and give it a test drive in your local vacuum store, it makes vacuuming so.. so easy.

Moreover, the unexpected cleaning suction -- because it is so compact (H: 106.4 x W: 28 x D: 35.4 cm), you simply don't expect the Dyson DC50 to perform to nearly half the standard it actually does. Like Dyson claim it really does perform (if not to a better extent) like that of a fully sized vacuum cleaner -- and this is mainly down to three potent factors: i) it is encompassed with a rather large 140 Air Watts (especially given its size) within the new Dyson motor ii) it has the latest fitted technology i.e two-tier radial root cyclone technology (essentially meaning it can generate high centrifugal forces that allow greater pick up of microscopic dust and dirt particles) and iii) it has the most advanced Dyson cleaner head yet (firstly, it is self adjusting to soft and hard flooring, it has a motor within the cleaner head making it more efficient due to not having the rug sheets -- hence all the cleaner head is in suction).

Like all Dyson vacuum cleaner it is also cleverly designed to be 'practical' having a transparent bin to see when it needs emptying (which they make a very simple task through a one button release mechanism) -- they also fit it with additional accessories such as the combination tool (which is basically a crevice tool for vacuuming tight and awkward gaps which doubles up with a brush nozzle to perform powered dusting) as well as a stair tool. Moreover, if you get the Animal version (meant for those who have the additional pet hair problem in and around their household) i.e the DC50 animal you also get the highly rated pet hair attachment -- the Dyson tangle free turbine tool.

The only real issue that can be thought of -- is if you haven't given proper consideration to its practical specifications -- as it is a compact vacuum cleaner that means that is really meant for those with the smaller apartment/home hence relative to other fully sized vacuums it does indeed have a smaller bin capacity (0.8 litres) and shorter cord length (7.6 m) and reach (8.7 m). So in reality, if you do have a medium-to-larger sized home you are probably better off looking at a Dyson DC40 or a Dyson DC41 -- which offer more extensive practical specifications.

Just to note also, if you buy the DC50 new you also get a 5 year warranty guarantee for both parts and labour. The icing on the cake.

And the General Consensus Agree.

If you checkout reviews from, etc. the DC50 consistently receives 5 star reviews (averaging a very high 4.4 stars out of 5) -- and mostly reiterating the points I made above -- such as:  "powerful suction, easy to clean, lightweight, very quiet operation, thoughtful attachments" from Simon and N.Cousino "I love the ball that steers this vacuum, it makes vacuuming effortless and easy - after using a vacuum like this you will find any other vacuum tedious and difficult to use.". Moreover, in design it is just a good looking, modern & sleek cleaning machine. The negative reviews come from the point that I just mentioned, they haven't given thought to its practical specifications e.g. complaints of the hose being too small etc. and also it's respective price tag (which we talk about in the section just below). In all, the DC50 is meant for those who have the smaller apartment/house/flat and are looking for a vacuum that is incredibly lightweight, compact (for those with storage issues) and easy to use yet has sufficient power to perform a decent cleaning job of the house (the DC50 certainly 'more than' ticks all these boxes). 

Finding the Best Price for the DC50 Animal

I believe you have three main options when trying to get the best value & cheapest price for the DC50 -- firstly head to and see if they are holding any signficant discounts through themselves or through a third party group. The second option is to stay on and search for if they have any refurbished or remanfucatured DC50 vacuum cleaners (these often hold significant discounts due to being once broken & second hand) -- be sure to check out ebay for used DC50 models as well. The third option is to try and search for any special vouchers, coupon deals -- and to head to the manufacturer's website directly ( to see if any special offers are being held, they sometimes give a special discount or an extra accessory with particular models.

If you have any comments, concerns or questions regarding either the review of the DC50 or finding the DC50 best price or regarding the vacuum model itself (e.g. mechanical specifications or features), please be sure to make them in the comments section below and I will be sure to get back to you as soon possible.