Dyson are about to add a new addition to their cylinder (canister, barrel) vacuum range -- the Dyson DC54 -- which is fitted with the very latest updates & highly anticipated cyclone technology: Dyson Cinetic and is also being produced within a four version range with the multi-floor, specialised 'Allergy' edition, Animal & Animal Pro  (complete) vacuum all being set to be released on the 1st of October, to essentially update that of the DC39 model.

What is Dyson Cinetic Cyclone technology?

It is the first Dyson vacuum to be released that features the Dyson Cinetic cyclone technology (a further step up from the two-tier radial root cyclone with 15 cyclones, seen within models such as the DC50 & DC47 & an even further significant step up from the single tier radial root cyclone technology with the DC39) -- with the DC54 it works on a base of 54 mini highly efficient cyclones that allows the DC54 to generate incredibly high centrifugal forces that can literally force microscopic particles to separate from all floor types (to a far greater extent than  any other vacuum cyclone system) -- from dust to bacteria etc. with it in turn expelling cleaner & healthier air. Also, this machine should now be pretty much regarded as Dyson's newest most powerful vacuum cleaner outperforming that of the DC39 & its 280 air watts of suction power. 

Moreover, as it generates high-frequency oscillation vibrations this then actually prevents the cyclones from ever being clogged up. In turn, meaning no filters are actually required to be fitted within the vacuum i.e there is no pre-motor & post-motor filter, hence there is no maintenance or filter replacement costs required. This doubled with the fact that it works on a bagless mechanism -- means there are literally no extra costs to running the vacuum. The technology also provides no loss of suction i.e as there becomes a larger and larger build up of debris in the vacuum bin as you vacuum, the suction power doesn't diminish. This is therefore the only vacuum with "no maintengance of filters, no bags to buy & no loss of suction". If you are looking for extremely a machine that provides extremely powerful suction for "all-round cleaning", then hands down this will be your machine.

Dyson DC39 Animal Canister
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(price as of Jun 11, 2015)

Practicalities & Specifications

Moreover, the Dyson DC54 (like that of its proposed predecessor the Dyson DC39) features the updated Ball technology to allow for instant & easy manouverability (compared to that of standard canister vacuums using a fixed wheel mechanism that often get easily toppled over or otherwise you have to drag it back & forth to get around awkward corners & gaps), where it has been centralised around the centre of the machine (i.e where all the vacuum components have been actually fitted inside the weighted ball) & only weighing in at a mere 7.6 kg means it can allow for even greater ease of control & mobility.

The Latest Carbon Fibre Cleaner Head

Not only that, the cleaner head is suitable for all floor types (hard-floor, carpets & rugs etc.) & has been 'reconfigured' as well to improve efficiency & pick-up rates through carbon fibre filament conductive brushes - so they can remove fine dust from your hard-flooring & remove tough sutck-in dirt & grime from carpeted floors. With them also saving you the need to switch in between floor types (with a trigger which was on the previous models), it self-adjusts from one type to the next. Note: there is a slight difference in the type of cleaner head you get dependent on the version you purchase which will be explained below.

With regards to its practical specifications it features a telescope reach of 1o metres along with a cord length of approximately 6.5 metres (so a max reach of around 16.5 metres) and is a fairly compact vacuum with dimensions: H- 368 x W- 261 x D- 507 cm -- in all it is clearly intended for those with the medium to larger sized home & as said previously is an obvious candidate for the replacement of the DC39 model. Those who have the smaller home should probably consider that of a Dyson DC47 or even DC49 for the really small living spaces.

DC54: Explaining Cinetic Technology

There are four specific versions of the DC54 canister altogether (all the difference is between them is the attachments/accessories that have been fitted as well as their skin colour) & are as follows:

The DC54 Multi-Floor: this is your basic model that comes in the classic Dyson yellow & is provided with the baseline standard Dyson accessories: the combination tool (which is basically a crevice tool for awkward & tight vacuuming which also doubles up with a brush nozzle to allow for powered dusting) as well as a stair tool (which can also be used on upholstery). Here, you get the musclehead floor tool instead of the late cleaner head (described above), which self-adjusts to the allow optimal suction on all floor-types with a specifically low design profile to get under furniture etc. with ease. It works on a dual channel basis for soft flooring, with the brushes being lifted to remove dirt with in carpets & with hard-floors the brushes gain contact to remove dust. Approximate cost: $449.99

The DC54 Allergy: designed specifically for those who are either asthmatic or suffer with allergies, the DC54 incorporates the latest reconfigured carbon fibre turbine head - which is basically a more advanced version of the musclehead you get with the DC54 multi-floor (has been explained above). Moreover, you get the combination tool & stair tool, but you are also provided with the 'mattress tool' which basically allows you to effectively remove dust mites & allergens from mattresses & other upholstery. It efficiently & effectively captures allergens, pollen, mould & bacteria as small as 0.5 microns & then through the Cinetic technology expels clean & healthy air. Approximate Cost: $499.99

The DC54 Animal: intended for those with pets & primarily is involved with pet hair removal from households -- with this model version you have been provided with the specially designed & highly praised tangle free turbine tool for effective & efficient pick-up of pet hair. You are also provided with the combination tool, stair tool & updated carbon fibre turbine head, but you are also given thearticulating hard floor tool that acts on a 180 degree pivot mechanism that features ultra soft nylon bristles to remove fine dust particles from delicate flooring (e.g. wood). Approximate Cost: $539.99

The DC54 Animal Pro (Complete): this is pretty much the deluxe version of the DC54 -- the ultimate canister vacuum -- which provides you pretty much with the complete cleaning experience where you are provided with the following attachments & accessories : latest carbon fibre turbine head, articulating hard floor tool, tangle free turbine tool, stubborn dirt brush (to basically flick up dug-in from carpets etc. through a flicking motion to then be picked-up by the suction of the vacuum), flexi crevice tool (to allow you to vacuum in between tight gaps & small spaces) & a soft dusting brush (so you can perform powered dusting on delicate surfaces & areas). A pretty incredible package. Approximate Cost: $629.99.

Note: all approximate costs are based on estimated rates, we won't know final prices until the 1st of October.

Guarantee & Warranty

Relatively unknown as of yet, but should be in line with that of the standard vacuums already on offer of 5 years coverage of parts & labour (to be updated).

How Much Will the DC54 Cost?

Approximate prices given above for each respective model of the DC54 (again subject to be updated upon release).

When is the Official Release Date for the DC54?

The first of October 2013 is when it is set to be officially released (just in time for christmas) & with that hopefully a more informed idea of specifications with regards to bin capacity size (expecting 2 litres like that of the DC39) and noise levels etc.

Where to find the DC54 Best Price?

To get hold of the cheapest price for the DC54 you aren't likely to find it if you go directly to the Dyson website, however if you head over to Amazon (where they hold many Dyson products already with signficant discounts) or to eBay (where you can get a DC54 either second hand, refurbished or unwanted) you are likely to have much better luck. Also be sure to check online for any special DC54 vouchers and codes etc. to be used.

If you have any questions, comments or concerns regarding either the 'DC56 review' account or about the DC54 model specifically (any of the versions) then please do not hesitate to make them in the comments section that you will find just below and we will be sure to respond to you as soon as possible.