Dyson Hard - DC56 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

When you’re looking for a vacuum cleaner you need to ensure you get the right model for your requirements. This vacuum cleaner is not for everyone. It is engineeredto be used on hard floors and uses some really interesting technology incorporating suction and wet wipes in order to get grime and dirt off the surfaces. If you are looking for a carpet hoover then you can re-commerce your search straight away.

Dyson DC56 Hard- Hardfloor Cordless Vacuum Cleaner
Amazon Price: $329.99 Buy Now
(price as of Dec 6, 2016)

It’s Not Cheap but It IS Feature-Packed

Before we take a look at the best prices available on the Dyson DC56 it is worth noting the terrific features that it comes with. This will in part explain why it is more expensive than some of its rivals in the market.

  • A cleaner head that is double edged. The Dyson Hard (DC56) has a cleaner head that is double edged. With the suction and the wet wipe technology operating simultaneously, you get the maximum clean and shine. There are two channels of suction, one for pre-wipe and one post-wipe. In addition the swivel neck means you can get into those difficult to reach places.

  • Root Cyclone technology. Dyson have patented this technology which provides really strong centrifugal forces. This means that the dirt is propelled into the air and into the bin without any mess.

  • The V2 motor. In the centre of the DC56 is the motor that rotates at three times the speed that normal vacuum motors spin. This provides increased suction and increased cleaning performance. You will rarely find the same power on a comparable hoover.

  • The 22.2V lithium battery. The 22.2V lithium ion battery is more powerful than the LiNX and Ergorapido, which have 18V batteries. Despite this, the Dyson only has around 15 minutes of battery life. However, this will involve suction that is consistently strong. At the highest suction rate, which is provided in the boost mode, you’ll get 6 minutes of power and therefore you can complete the most challenging tasks very well.

  • The wipes from Dyson. You’ll get 9 Dyson hardware wet wipes with the DC56. These are able to clean hard wood vinyl, laminate glazed tiles, polished granite, and polished marble. The Dyson DC56 is very versatile.

Who should get one?

If you have a lot of wood or tile flooring in your home then this could be the product for you. It’s a simple device with genuine power. Its low profile means that you can get under furniture and beds, and it even makes it an excellent option for small scale commercial use; watch out for the battery life though.

The battery life may be an issue, but you have excellent ergonomic design, a nice docking station, and tough and durable construction. Alongside this, you get 2 years parts and label warranty so you’ll have peace of mind that your Dyson product will be will stand the test of time.

The Best Prices Around

Through Dyson

If you jump onto the US Dyson website you will see the DC56 retailing for $329.99, or about £211.90. However, you can't buy it online at the moment. The only option for customers is to get notified when it is available. On the UK Dyson site the situation is even worse. When you enter DC56 into the search box there is no product found whatsoever.

Through Amazon

Many of us turn to Amazon when we are looking to purchase a product as cheap as we can. The DC56 is currently featured on Amazon at $329.00, a saving of $0.99 on the Dyson price. On the product page it states that the vacuum will be available from September 1st 2013. If you want the product in the UK though there is a problem. You can't have it shipped from the US to a UK address. Again the vacuum is not available on Amazon.co.uk. Stumped again!!!

Dyson DC56 Hard- Hardfloor Cordless Vacuum Cleaner
Amazon Price: $329.99 Buy Now
(price as of Dec 6, 2016)

Through Ebay

On Ebay you find the DC56 priced at $349. That’s $20 more than on Amazon. You might think that is reasonable until you see the additional costs; shipping at $32.71; import taxes at an estimated 93.26. That amounts to a grand total of $474.97 (£305). When your eyes drift down to the estimated arrival date you will see the 3rd to the 9th of September. This is a pre-sale arrangement and the company probably don't even currently have the DC56 in their possession. After September 1st the online options will open up massively.

Through Purewell.co.uk

On the Purewell website there is a very reasonable advertised price of £249.99. However, the product is not launching on the site until January 2014. The reviews of Purewell on Google Shopping suggest that they are going to be very competitive for this product. Customers consistently write that they found Dyson products cheaper than anywhere else. In addition, the site has a 5/5 rating off the 293 reviews received. May be a good source.

Other Sources

Although UK customers are currently unable to get their hands on the DC56 they will be able to soon. After the 1st September US launch we will begin to see the product available through Ebay, Amazon and other online sources.

Pricerunner.co.uk is a great site for other Dyson vacuums, offering a comparison of several UK retail outlets. This site will be worth a visit when the DC56 is launched in the UK.

We may well see the emergence of the product as part of the supermarket product ranges. Tesco Direct stock several Dyson products so it will be well worth reviewing their price in due course.

If you have any questions, comments, concerns regarding either the article 'DC56 Best Price' or about the actual cleaning model itself (e.g. to clear up some mechanical specifications etc.) then please do not hesitate to leave them in the comments section that you will find just below and we will be sure to get back to you as soon as possible.