This account 'DC56 review' is basically just a quick (which turned rather extensive) and honest sum up of my thoughts & opinions (as well as a general consensus of what other owner's feelings seem to be also) regarding what I believe to be 'the good, the bad and the ugly' of my Dyson Hard DC56 (please note that this review of the cordless hard-floor cleaner will be subject to update).

What I Know So Far & What I Am Expecting 

Dyson DC56 Hard- Hardfloor Cordless Vacuum Cleaner
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(price as of Jan 22, 2016)

19th March 2013: I write this as of the 19th March and expecting my pre-ordered version of the cordless Dyson Hard DC56 to be available as of the 1st of September (as according to Amazon, from whom I have placed the order for the DC56 with) so obviously I can't give any specifics as to what the Dyson Hard is all about (but obviously intend to after some time and use out of it, which should be appropiately listed below) -- but for now I am going to give a quick write-up as to what I am expecting (like all those who are ordering a new product they have no experience of) from it. 

So from the Dyson Hard 'in action' it sounds/looks pretty impressive, no?

From what I gathered I can essentially do the following (well hopefully can) with it -- in that it will basically transform the 'hustle, bustle and rustle' job of cleaning my kitchen tiled floor and dining room wooden floor into one simple, easy, quick and comfortable one -- in sum an all round better (dare I say it, pleasurable) experience.

What I have to do 'without' the DC56?

No longer will I have to go lug (& try to locate) my pretty heavy (8 kg) upright vacuum over to where it needs to be & then to stick it in to the nearest socket and then get all the bits of dust and debris I can find (if I haven't swept it previous) amongst the awkward furniture (mostly the dining table) and other awkward obstacles (plant pots, charis etc. you name it).

Then once I'm done (of course after I have returned the vacuum to where it lives -- unfortunately on the opposite end of the house it seems), I have the next tedious task of making up a mop bucket and going over the same area again with a pretty battered mop & bucket (and to get under particular furniture or a particularly tough stain, it is a hands & knees job) -- then to go over it yet again with a dry mop, once that was finished.

And all to, just a (I won't lie) quiet-decent-to-standard finish.

Now, this my friends is where the Dyson Hard DC56 (as said in the advertisement) comes in and will lay all my troubles by the way side -- where no more will I have to 'lug' a heavy machine around (it is super lightweight, weighing in at less than 5 lbs -- 4.86 lbs to be exact -- with it ergonomically distributed within the handle to allow me 'greater' control. Nice.) or even the need to locate it (the DC56 comes with a wall mounted docking station, pretty fancy looking might I add) or the simple task of plugging it into the nearest plug socket (with it of course being cordless) and out again... and all the subsequent tedious & taxing tasks.

What I have to do 'with' the DC56?

All that is required from myself (and you, if you get hold of one) is to collect my DC56 and then simply to hit the 'go' button (selecting from the two modes as to which one you want either standard that provides 28 Air watts of constant cleaning suction or the boost option providing 65 Air watts, for those particularly tough stains) and I am away -- operating the dual task of vacuuming (picking up dust and debris) and wiping (getting rid of stains & grime). And for those 'under the furniture' type jobs, I described -- they are easy too because it is designed with a low profile -- hence no getting on hands and knees either.

Ultimately, saving me time (I will do a quick measure of this -- comparing between the two), effort and a bit of stress -- and coming out with an 'in all' better finish at the end of it. 

The Positive 'Add-ons'

Additional benefits I am aware of is that the DC56 is fitted with the Dyson's classic Root Cyclone technology, New Updated Version 2 Dyson Digital Motor as well as a Lithium-ion 22.2 volt fade-free battery which essentially allows the DC56 (as I understand it to) to prevent it from loss of suction (where the more dirt and debris picked up, won't diminish its performance) and it will perform to the same suction level until it dies (which is indicated by the LED display panel).

Moreover, it is fitted with the combination tool attachment that will allow (through removing the wand) me to form a handheld vacuum -- very similar to that of the DC34 -- which is of course a great little manipulation and tool that is turned into (thinking it will be great for cleaning out the car and stairs, so far). And if that goes well I will consider getting the 'Dyson Cordless Tool Kit' bundle to improve the functionality of it further.

Also an interesting point is whether it can swap cleaner heads completely -- to that like a DC44's is unclear (so the DC56 essentially becomes an upright cordless vacuum i.e essentially the DC35 or DC44 and can switch back. In other words, remove the dual channel floor cleaner head and attach for the carbon fibre filaments head), however I am guessing not, but if it could this would be a huge plus for it. 

The Unsure Factors

However, what I am wary of is the 'run time' on the Dyson Hard (or was) -- it lasts only for 15 minutes on standard mode and 6 minutes on boost mode apparently -- yet again do I really want to be cleaning my 'hard' floors for more than 15 minutes? No, not really -- even I have better things to do (I did however, have the thought of getting an extra battery if it is a persistent problem, to have one pre-charged ready to go when the first one runs out).

The charge time is apparently 3.5 hours, although Dyson haven't released anything official as of yet, perhaps I will have to wait to find out that myself.

Another slight issue was the rather small bin capacity, only 0.09 gallons (which really isn't much) not looking forward to release that in between every cleaning jobs, but we will see how it turns out.

I also have a concern over the cost of wet wipes, I know I get 9 in the pack to start with but how long do they last and how much is it going to cost me to keep this thing running -- again we will see. 

Hoping for a Good'un 

In all, though I am pretty looking forward as to what the Dyson DC56 has to offer and I will be sure to fill you in soon enough. Subsequent reviews will come in under here...

If you have any comments, questions or remarks regarding the DC56 Review or about anything actually about the Dyson Hard (e.g. mecahnical specifications) please do not hesitate to make them int he comments section below and I will be sure to get back to you as soon as possible.