How to Get the Best Buy on a DC59 Animal

If you are looking for the 'Dyson DC59 best price' you have a whole range of options available to you – where there are literally hundreds of great deals to be had on the Digital Slim Mark III both online & offline (including getting hold of the lowest price, but more importantly the best overall package deal e.g. where you can get additional attachments & accessories free of charge, get cash back, free P&P etc.).

As you probably know the DC59 Animal, when bought new is a pretty expensive machine – so by shopping around & doing a bit of research into getting a great deal for it, you are going to be potentially saving yourself a fair bit of cash. Here, you will be provided with a brief guide as to where to look (dramatically cutting down the time taken for such extensive research) for the best deals & ultimately best 'buy' for the DC59 Animal. 

Dyson DC59 Animal Cordless Vacuum Cleaner
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(price as of Aug 25, 2015)


My first point of call for getting a good price on the DC59 would be to head over to the super massive and more importantly 'trusted' (a valuable aspect in itselfonline retailer Amazon. They hold significant discounts on all other Dyson vacuum cleaners and products (including the predecessors of the Dyson Digtial Slim DC35 & DC44) & are hence no different with the DC59 (as they are able to buy such products in huge quantities). You will find on some occasions they are also holding special deals with the DC59 -- whether it be free give-aways of accessories when you buy it (or for a bit extra – you get the Dyson cordless tool kit etc., or a special DC59 coupon code to be entitled to a further discount) or you receive a gift card back for 'x' amount of dollars (like they did with the DC41 Animal Complete of a $130).

Moreover, you also have the ability to check third parties who are selling through Amazon who sometimes can undercut even Amazon – but you still get that important backing of Amazon, if anything were to go wrong (you can check the third parties through clicking on the 'new' link tab on the DC59 product page). You can also check if there are any used DC59 or refurbished DC59 vacuums – which obviously because of their condition you are liable for a significantly cheaper price than you would getting it new. They do have the drawback of course of being pre-used & hence potentially i) not likely to work as well, ii) have a reduced warranty from two years when bought new to approximately 6 months & iii) increased likelihood of breaking down.


Once, you have noted down the best overall deal there (through taking into account the 'grouped' collective value e.g. take off voucher values, accompanying attachments value etc.), I would pop over to your world wide car boot sale – eBay. This is where you are most likely going to find the lowest price on the DC59. You will find although most of them are 'technically' second hand items, they have actually never been opened from the box (and are still entitled to their warranty). Also, be sure to head to where you can benefit from the sellers typos – providing you with a potentially even better deal. When purchasing a Dyson from eBay, be sure to contact the seller and clarify exactly what you are getting e.g. the box, the manual, the accessories (combination tool, stair tool, wall mounted docking station & if it is a DC59 Animal you get the mini motorised pet hair turbine tool) etc. 

Dyson DC59 - The Latest Dyson Digtial Slim


It is also actually worth checking out the manufacturer too – Dyson. They often hold a special offer on of some kind e.g. if you trade in your hold vacuum cleaner you are entitled to 20% off as well as frequently offering exclusive discounts (e.g. $100 off for a limited time only) across the range & providing free accessories bundle packs when you buy directly through them. Moreover, they host a factory refurbished & re-manufactured section – where they carry out the repairs themselves & back it for 6 months for it to be released & sold again.

Deal Sites, Shopping Engines, Coupons, Codes & Vouchers

Be sure to test out shopping deal sites (e.g. & shopping search engines that contrasts & compares all the prices online (taking into account postage & packaging costs as well) & offline (which is recommended if you are a keen negotiator e.g. at your local vacuum store, especially if you are going to be making multiple purchases as well as additional warranty purchases) as well to see which offers the cheapest price. Also, search for recent Dyson DC59 voucher & coupon promo codes online that can be used at specific retailers etc. they are often announced in deal site forums.

Let me know, what's the best deal you got below. Also, if you have any comments, questions or concerns regarding either the guide 'finding the DC59 best price' or about the actual Dyson Digital Slim Mark III itself (with regards to specifications, practical features etc.– you can either ask here or see an in-depth overview here)then please do not hesitate to make them in the comments section just below and we will be sure to respond to you as soon as possible.