Digital Slim Mark III

There has been a new addition to the Dyson cordless vacuum range - the DC59 - which is an update to that of the DC44 cordless vacuum model (which was of course an upgrade to that of the DC35), making this the third installment in the Digital Slim range i.e the Mark III.

It hosts all of Dyson's latest updates and technology as well as integrating a few extra engineering triumphs which has allowed for a huge improvement in its suction power (relative to its predecessor), with which its tag & signature also becomes appropriate - the DC59 "sucks up as much dust as even a corded vacuum". Pretty bold yet rather exciting statement.

Dyson DC59 Animal Cordless Vacuum Cleaner
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(price as of Jan 19, 2014)

It features the new V6 Digital Motor which provides 350 watts of power (far greater than that of any previous models) although no official figures have been released yet, that would indicate to me approximately an air watt suction power of around 90 AW (on its boost mode) - making it the most powerful cordless vac on the market. Like the DC35 & DC44, the Mark III will also operate with a dual power mode - where it has a standard power option & a boost mode power option (for particularly tough stains etc.).

Sir James himself states: "The new V6 Dyson digital motor is faster and stronger than its predecessor with a higher power density; giving DC59 the performance of a mains powered machine without being tethered to the wall.” Although, the official specs of the DC59 haven't actually yet been released with regards to suction power, I expect them to upon release in the UK & US as they have done so with every previous model.

It has also been fitted with the latest unique Root Cyclone technology -- the two-tier radial root cyclone technology (seen within the late DC47 & DC50 model) which basically allows it to generate incredibly high centrifugal forces that allow for greater pick up of microscopic dust & dirt particles (as small as 0.5 microns). This technology also means the DC59 benefits from a bagless mechanism as well as preventing it from loss of suction (i.e when it collects more dust & dirt, the suction power doesn't gradually diminish - which is a common issue amongst other branded non-Dyson vacuums).

There has also been improvements made to the carbon fibre filaments cleaner head such as being made to be lighter & have more efficient & effective pick-up. It also is fitted with a new "self-tightening" feature in order to improve stabilisation & in turn increasing suction power through the dust capture channel. Moreover, it is of course suitable to all floor types (e.g. tile, hard wood, soft flooring, rugs etc.)

What is the runtime on the DC59?

Moreover, despite all these upgrades to power etc. (i.e greater demands on the battery) they have managed to increase the run time through a 'enhancing trigger' mechanism - where the battery is only used when it is actually cleaning rather than just being switched on like that of standard vacuums (and the DC35, DC44) - which allows for a total of 26 minutes cleaning. The standard cleaning mode is 20 minutes however (if you underwent constant cleaning), and the boost mode lasting 6 minutes (a 2 minute decrease on the DC44). The fitted nickel manganese cobalt battery is also able to transmit up to 1.5 times more power than the DC44, as well as being designed to provide 'fade-free' constant power.

Dyson Engineering Insights into the DC59

Practical Specifications & Features

All these upgrades & improvements have been made but the basic concept still remains the same it is the same size (dimensions: H -121.0 x D: 20.5 x W 21.6 cm), incredibly lightweight (2.3 kg) with a weight distribution based in the handle in keeping with ergonomic design to allow for the user to have complete control & balance over the DC59 whether it be cleaning high or low. Along with it coming along with a docking station that charges the machine as well as being designed to hold attachments for the DC59 too such as a new mini motorised tool for 'tough tasks'. And of course has the ability to double up as a handheld vacuum cleaner (which will operate like that of the DC48, DC34) with use of the crevice tool that also comes with the package deal.

Guarantee & Warranty

With regards to warranty, it comes with the standard 2 year coverage of parts & labour, so if anything goes wrong within that time you can get it fixed like new at zero cost.

How Much Will the DC59 Cost?

There are two versions of the DC59 Multi-floor & Animal, the former should cost approximately $499.99 & later at $529.99 (perhaps less or more, we don't know the official figures until the 1st of October).

DC59 Multi-floor Vs DC59 Animal

The only difference between the DC59 Multi-floor and DC59 Animal comes in the fact that the latter with a mini motorised tool that has been designed specifically for effective pick-up of pet hair hence the DC59 comes in a bit more expensive -- no other change is made, they both have the same power etc.

When is the Official release date for the DC59?

The DC59 (as said) should be released and let out at the 1st of October with the DC58 handheld vacuum.

My Feelings & Expectations

I will be able to give you more information & an actual personal 'feel' of the DC59 and what aspects I like & what I don't like (although so far I can tell you, I'm obviously not too keen on the price). Currently, I am expecting a great cleaning machine though, one that will far surpass any other cordless cleaning machine that has been on the market. Will it have the ability to replace that of a standard -- corded -- vacuum cleaner? No, I don't think so, even from the simple fact that the runtime isn't enough where even despite improvements being made to it - it still just isn't sufficient to get all around the house, but we will see.

Where to find the DC59 Best Price?

To get hold of the best deal for the DC59, you mainly have two choices: i) head to the online retailer Amazon and they usually hold a pretty decent discount either through them directly or through a third party (where they also have used & refurbished/remanufactured models on sale too) or ii) go to and see if anyone is selling one as either a used model or it as an unwanted gift. Moreover, be sure to check through search engines for DC59 vouchers, DC59 discount codes etc. to see if you can get any better deals and/or potentially free attachments.

If you have any questions, remarks, concerns regarding either the 'DC59 review' or about the actual model specifically (e.g. mechanical features of the DC59 or DC59 accessories') then please do not hesitate to make them in the comments section that you will find just below and we will be sure to get back to you as soon as possible.