Considered one of the top brazier companies on the market, DCS BBQ grills are nothing short of amazing. Not too many other brands can be sized up against these guys, and after seeing their selection of high quality outdoor barbecues jam-packed with innovative and unique parts and accessories, one can understand why.

In this article you'll discover what sets DCS BBQ grills apart from other big names like Fire Magic and Lynx, as well as where you can buy them for cheap. Finding braziers like this out in the real world can be frustrating and time-consuming. That's why it's best to shop for them online, where you can compare prices with just a few clicks of the mouse. In the meantime, let's take a look at what kinds of DCS BBQ grills, parts, and accessories to look for.

Traditional DCS BBQ Grills

So what is it about these braziers that makes them so popular and special? There are multiple answers to this question. Whether its their handcrafted and heavy-duty construction made from heavy gauge type 304 stainless steel, or parts and accessories like a removable warming rack, drip tray, double sided cooking grates, and burners all made from high-quality stainless steel, it's no wonder DCS BBQ grills are so expensive and coveted by barbecue enthusiasts of all types.

The traditional models also come with a 9-volt battery ignition, an optional cart, a smart beam light, and designer metal control knobs. You can get these braziers for either natural gas or liquid propane, and you can also choose between built-in and on-cart applications. These DCS BBQ grills come in two sizes; the smaller one has a total cooking area of 760 square inches, with 565 square inches on the primary surface and 195 square inches on the secondary cooking area that doubles as a warming rack; or the bigger model which has 879 square inches of total cooking area with 678 on the primary surface and 241 on the secondary.

DCS BBQ Grills New Liberty Collection

You can't possibly think you have an outdoor kitchen if you haven't got something like the New Liberty Collection. These DCS BBQ grills are sink hybrid islands and a must-have for any outdoor kitchen enthusiast. They are made of high-quality brushed stainless steel and have many integrated features that make for better cooking, convenience, and overall performance.

Along with the hard plumbed or portable sink that is included, the New Liberty Collection DCS BBQ grills also have two 17,000 BTU side burners, platform style grates, and a stainless steel cover. You can find these in two styles, either built-in or on-cart, and they're available in either natural gas or liquid propane.

Carts for DCS BBQ Grills

Carts are built for convenience, and it's not just the easy-rolling wheels that makes these so convenient. They come with an immense amount of storage space, allowing you to safely keep you LP gas tank secured and locked up, as well as storing extra parts and accessories like wood chips, covers, marinating meats, tools, condiments, etc. These brushed stainless steel DCS BBQ grills even come with an assisted chill storage cabinet to keep your drinks cool while you cook. Some optional parts and accessories you can choose from are cherry wood cut board inserts, adjustable feet, vinyl cover, or side shelves.

Carts for DCS BBQ grills will run you in the price range of about $1,830. This is actually a pretty fair price considering all of the great features it comes with. You can find them on sale from quite a few websites including Amazon, AJMadison, USAppliance, HomeEverything, and All of these online stores have very good ratings and a good reputation, however, the prices may vary so be sure to shop around. For example, as of the date of this article, HomeClick is selling these carts for $2100, which is $300 more than most other places.

Parts and Accessories for DCS BBQ Grills

As if it's not enough having all the complimentary features that come with these braziers, you can also find some additional parts and accessories for DCS BBQ grills to add on to your outdoor kitchen and really make it stand out. There are brushed stainless steel cart accessories that allow for extra space to keep your seasoning, tools, or other things you may need while you're cooking. If you want something a little bigger, you can try the 24-inch side shelf that comes with a Brazilian Cherry wood insert for an added outdoorsy touch.

You can find a lot of other replacement parts and accessories online as well. Things like cooking grids, vinyl covers, hoods, and various components that may need replace on certain DCS BBQ grills are all easily found for sale on the web. The best part is that you usually have a ton of different stores competing for the lowest prices, which saves you money. You might try looking on Amazon and eBay for cheap parts and accessories for DCS BBQ grills as both sites are well-known to have some really nice deals.