Welcome to the Blue DC Universe

3 Blue DC comic book superheroes

The DC Comic books themselves are not blue, nor are they in any way smutty. They are simply featuring blue superheroes from the DC Universe. The three DC superhero characters that I have chosen are Blue Beetle, Nightwing and Black Lightning but there are other blue tinted ones too.

Nightwing is shown in the middle of the three with his chiseled good looking features and trademark Batmanesque attire. On the left we have Jamie Reyes as Blue Beetle and the final Blue superhero is called Black Lightning and, despite his name, he is quite blue in appearance.

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DC Comics Art Poster

DC Comics Universe

Superheroes DC Comic Books

Super hero outfits come in many colors but red and black seem to be the most popular in comic books, closely followed by green superheroes and these featured here; the blue super powered saviors of our universe.

DC Comic Books Blue Beetle

Blue Beetle sounds like he might be one of the Super-Villains of DC Comic books but he is actually one of the goodies. He is a member of the Teen Titans, alongside other youthful superheroes like Robin and Super Girl. When Jaime Reyes was young he found a strange blue scarab beetle which he took home with him. This scarab attached itself to Jaime’s back and conferred superpowers on him.

His body is armored and he possesses incredible strength. He has the capability to produce energy rays and guns and his body is sufficiently shielded to repel mega forces. The Blue Beetle first appeared in DC Comics in 1939 as the archaeologist Dan Garrett. Before Dan died he passed on the blue scarab to his student Ted Kord. Jamie is the latest version and debuted in 2006.

DC Comic Books Nightwing

Nightwing has been defending US citizens in Gotham City since he made his DC Superhero debut before the Second World War. Incredibly, he is now over 70 years of age. He is from an acrobatic family and is a martial arts expert. One of the young superheroes, Nightwing is a member of the Teen Titans along with Wonder Girl, Starfire and several others. As Dick Grayson, he made his first appearance in Detective Comics as Batman’s sidekick Robin.

Later on, he evolved into his own supe-hero role as Night Wing. On occasion he has played the role of Batman too, when his friend and mentor was injured. His long time love interest is the female superhero Starfire but he has been romantically linked to Barbara Gordon too.

DC Comic Books Black Lightning

The DC Universe has featured several colorful superheroes and some very colorful villains too. I have always found that the bluey black heroes are the best loved ones despite their lack luster colors. Batman is a typical example, but I do like this Black Lightning superhero, although he is not as popular as the caped crusader himself. Of these three featured he is the youngest as he only appeared in DC Comics for the first time in 1977. His appearance reminds me of Marvel Comics own Captain America.

Jefferson Pierce is the real name of BL and he grew up in a rough part of the Metropolis and went on to win 3 gold medals at the Olympic Games. He became a member of the Justice League of America and began to fight crime in his home town. He had a strange ability to control electricity and he could fire blue lightning bolts at will. He became a friend of Batman and they fought together on many occasions. Black Lightning had 2 daughters, both of whom had superhero powers too. They were called them Thunder and Lightning.

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