Powers inverters generate a direct current DC battery power into alternating current AC the normal power frequency that runs all your normal electrical equipment in your home.The DC power flows in one direction only, whereas the AC power can switch from negative to positive many times a second.




Why would you need a power inverter?If you are intending to travel around the countryside, either in an RV/Caravan or even in a tent there will be times when your phone has gone flat or the torch batteries have suddenly died on you. This is why you need an inverter. You will save money and time running back and forth to the shop looking to buy new batteries.



These are great to use in the car when your kids watch DVD's on their little electronic gadgets, or any other electronic equipment that needs recharging from time to time when not at home.




Always carry your electronic or necessary chargers for anything that will require recharging with you when you go on holiday. Now, if you have the chargers for all your electronic objects or flat batteries you can recharge them by plugging the chargers into the inverter, turn on the power and presto, in time your equipment will all be recharged and back to original working capacity.




Warning- 240v-power is dangerous






Power=inverters are very hungry and work best if you charge things up while driving down the road while the engine is running.






The downside to this is they take a lot of DC-power to make enough AC-power. You need to remember that if you should have an accident while using this inverter as you travel it may be dangerous.It is after all no different to the power you would be using in your home.






These do come in a variety of sizes.We have a 300w x 240 volt inverter which will charge phones and batteries, although we need to have the engine running to charge up our laptop as this draws more.




Australian-power is 240volts which is different to America which uses 120volt power, so when buying an inverter you will need to keep this in mind.




The following are mainly 120volt-power supply:


Cobra CPI 480 400 Watt 12 Volt DC to 120 AC Power-Inverter with 5 Volt USB output - At time of writing Amazon .com is offering this inverter for under $30.It has a thermal, low voltage shutdown, with external fuse and comes with a cigarette lighter plug and battery cables. It also has reverse polarity protection.







Tripp Lite APS1250 1250W 12V DC to AC Inverter with Automatic Line-to-Battery 30-Amp Charger –At the time of writing Amazon is offering this inverter for under $390. With a 5 star rating this unit automatically senses and switches AC output between outside power (generator) and battery power when no AC power is available. Great for emergency power supply. Advanced 3 stage battery charger for quick recharge and protection against over charge. APS inverters do not include batteries.








175 Watt Portable Micro Power Inverter with USB Port with-12v AC to 110v DC Car Plug Converter for your Ipod, DVD Players, Laptops, Net books and cell phones. At time of writing Amazon have this out for under $20. This has a five star rating.





Cobra CPI 880 800 Watt 12 Volt DC to 120 Volt AC Power Inverter with 5 Volt USB output- At time of writing this is under $45 and has a 3 star rating.

It has an 800watts continuous handling power and 1600 watts peak power, with a 5 volt USB output. With sine wave and thermal shutdown and also has low voltage shutdown and alarm, with an external fuse. This little inverter comes with carry case and direct to battery clips and cables.



Solar DC to AV Inverters



Solar PI8000X 800W Power Inverter DC to AC- At time of writing this is selling for under $79 and weighs 10 pounds and is 12x12x12 inches in dimension.


Whatever power inverters that you decide to buy make sure it has the right power source for your country.Especially when buying electronic equipment online.They may not accept a return policy in there selling agreement. Always read the fine print and shipping guidelines to avoid mistakes if equipment is faulty.