whitetail buck

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Deer Hunters

The opening day of deer season is often the most hunted day by all hunters. But there is something special about it. This day is when  all the hunters become noticed by all the locals of every town across the nation. They start to prepare for the hunt the day before making sure  everything is ready.  . Some often more ready than others as they go through their tasks of getting ready for the hunt. Then they start to think about the day to come and the adventures they will have as they become restless. All that venison that will fill the coolers and freezers . We try to get some sleep that night but we can not as our minds continue to race on thinking. Than the sound of the alarm clock rings as it is time to wake up. I did not sleep at all or i got very little sleep and didn't notice it.

 Now the fun starts as the hunter throws on the camouflage clothing fills the cup with coffee and tosses the rifle or bow into the truck. Than all the local gas stations and stores that are open at that time will be flooded with hunters. We who are driving by seeing this looking upon the event only see what looks like a Forrest with legs moving across parking lots of gas stations and waffle houses as they feel their stomachs. They ram sack the shelfs of gas stations grabbing snacks and treats of all sorts with an excitement of feeling their coolers to go out for the hunt. They get into the pickup trucks and race out to their favorite spot to settle in for the morning light to show and the deer to show up . Now first light of the morning begins to show as you start to hear distant gun shots all around through the day. This is what all us hunters see and hear and do on the opening day of deer season . Well did you get your deer our did you miss and listen to the story's of others who got there deer . Opening day of deer season one of the most spectacular days of the hunt .