DIRECTV Service on Your iPad!

Have DIRECTV?  Have an iPad?  Then it is time to combine the two! 

Just visit the app store on you Ipad and download the free DIRECTV app!  It only takes a few minutes to change the way your family uses satellite TV.

If you home is already set up correctly you can do many things with your new DIRECTV app.  Even if your home is not set up, there are still many things you can do.

(We're excited, too!) 

Let’s start with the basics.  Once you have signed into your account, you can create your Favorite Channels list.  We all know how complicated it can be searching for your favorite show in a sea of listings.  You can continue to edit these channels for DIRECTV as your favorite stations change.

You can go even more in detail with channel guide which will display up to two weeks of upcoming program for a single channel.  You may also select more than one channel in separate modules.

Enjoy specialty channels like kids & family, sports or news?  DIRECTV has special modules for that!  Just select one or both and all your important channels will be displayed without other content sneaking in.

Not sure what you want to watch?  There is a solution for that.  Just scroll over to the What’s Hot and it will show you what viewers in your area are watching along with across the county.  You can also see categories, like sports and movies.

Now the fun part!  If your IPad is connected to the receivers in your home, you can do even more!

You can use your iPad as a remote for any receiver in your home.  This is great if you have a spouse of child who enjoys hogging or misplacing the remote for your DIRECT V or satellite box.


Parental Control

Parents can also monitor what their children (or other family members) are watching on each TV buy using the currently watching module.  It is also helpful to monitor if they are watching.  We all know all, some people like to sneak extra TV time.

The greatest feature of the iPad mobile directv application might be the ability to watch Live Streaming TV.  Though the channels are limited and you can only watch while in your home, it is a great addition and advancement by DIRECTV.


The DIRECTV iPad app has many great features that will help users enjoy their DIRECTV service more than ever!