For those of you who are interested in do-it-yourself home improvement, installing custom cabinets and hardware is a simple task on the road to remodeling your home. The steps are relatively straightforward, and the results are extremely rewarding.

To begin, you want to install the door hinges. For larger cabinet doors you will need three, but for most other doors you only need two hinges. You can line the door up with the hinges and the frame and mark them with a pencil.

Drill a few shallow holes into the frame and the door, but be careful not to drill through either. The screws will just need a small hole to bind to.

Attach the hinges and test the swinging of the doors. Make sure that everything is level, and that the doors do not swing into each other or overlap.
Once you've checked the doors, it is time to install the hardware. There are plenty of different styles of door handles and custom brass door pulls to choose from. Line up the handles to exactly where you want them on the door. If you have a tall cabinet, you probably want the handles in the middle vertically. If it is a high cabinet, you should put them at the bottom inside corner, since that will be the easiest place to reach. For floor cabinets, many people like to put them on the top inside corner so they don't have to reach down too far. Whichever works for you!

Choose the proper size drill bit before continuing. You will want the bit that fits most tightly to the hardware, without the potential to scrape the metal.

Hold the handles where you want them and mark their location on the cabinets with a pencil. Pre-drill a shallow hole with the previously chosen drill bit. Mount the handle and attach it to the cabinet with the screw. Be sure to screw it in as tightly as possible without stripping the material or creating a split in the wood.

The best part is next: sit back and admire your own handiwork. The most rewarding thing about doing home improvements on your own is enjoying the results for years to come.