When we buy furniture it is amazing how many times we wish it was different in some way or another.Computer desks are no different.Our one had cupboards on the side but I needed little compartments that I could reach out and put the inward and outward mail and a few other bits and pieces, without cluttering my desk.So my husband came up with this idea of adding a shelf to computer desk or cupboard.




We are not technical drawers so please forgive the art work.This could actually be adapted to suit any type of cupboard.I am including measurements although you will have to work them out to suit your project.





















Materials required- Using wood, best suited to match your particular hutch or cupboard.




  • 1 piece of pine timber1120-1130mm long x 400mm wide x 20 mm thick Figure 1
  • 1 piece of facial pine timber955mm long x 65 mm wide x 20mm thick Figure 2
  • 1 piece of Chipboard or Pine 955mm length x 285mm wide 15 mm thick Figure 3
  • 8 chipboard Tek Screws
  • Small quantity of Wood nails
  • Glue and wood filler
  • Paint or varnish depending required finish for your computer shelf













No's 1 & 2 brackets are the correct size. No 3 has to be cut into 4 angled pieces with a 15-20mm opposite angle each end.Finished length to 285mm long each side




No 2 Chipboard has to be angled the same way along the front and back, opposite angles.With the chipboard, top side up glue no1 (the front) along the length of No 2.Position and glue the 4 smaller pieces in position.(You may only want three sections if so adjust measurements accordingly). This depends on your own personal requirements as you may choose to have two wider and two narrower sections.







When the glue has dried, drill 2mm pilot holes in all fixing to stop wood from splitting, before inserting tech or wood screws.







All joints must be glued and screwed.Drill holes in from front facial board, tech screw through into partition pieces. Turn upside down and nail base to partitions with small nails.







When complete paint with required finish and leave to dry.







Place inside hutch in required position.Use clamps to hold it at right height and angle.Drill 2 holes through each side into end of front facial board and drill 2 mm pilot holes.Insert 2 tech or wood screws each end.The angle of the back will hold its own weight once it is tech screwed into place at the front.





You do not have to be an expert to add a shelf to any type of computer desk or cupboard.