You might want to put your home improvement budget as well as your wedding budget together. Instead of a typical aisle consider how you'll use your yard after the big day is over. You could create a flagstone walkway, just make sure that it’s level enough for you to walk on in heels. Then you could end the walkway in a courtyard. After the wedding this serves as a place for patio furniture. However it also gives you more of the look of a reception venue instead of your typical backyard.

Inexpensive Reception Venues: Cheap Backyard Ideas

If you're looking for inexpensive reception venues your very own yard or patio can be the perfect place for smaller springtime weddings. Plus, it's finally an incentive to get all of those DIY projects done. Even if you live in an apartment you can still borrow a friend’s yard or ask your landlord about using the common area. Here is how to turn basic patios into affordable reception venues.

There are a few downsides to cheap reception sites. These include parking and you'll probably have to rent all of your tables and chairs. You can save thousands of dollars but you want to make sure that your guests are still comfortable. One thing that you'll definitely have to do is simplify depending on the space of your yard. This might mean that the reception and ceremony share the same space, or your guests have to watch the ceremony from their tables. You can also consider the backyard idea if you’re getting married in a church and just need a place for your reception or open house.

Cheap Reception Ideas

One of the biggest challenges is going to be your decor. How are you going to make that concrete patio comparable to other cheap reception sites? One way around this is to create the feeling of a room. You can do this with a lot of awnings and canopies. You might be choosing an outdoor event just because you love nature. It doesn't make that much sense to be inside a wedding tent the entire time; unless of course it rains. It's also important to pay attention to lighting. Instead of Christmas twinkle lights try Edison bulb versions for a more vintage feel. String them overhead instead of around trees. You can also decorate with tons of hanging paper lanterns; just follow safety precautions if you use candles. However, these have such a sculptural element to them but you can even get away with just leaving them unlit. This draws the eye upward and away from a basic deck or patio. It's also important to make sure that your guests are coming to the right place.

For a country style wedding consider painting wood signs in a rustic style. You could also use chalkboard paint and then you'd have a wedding memento that instantly turns into home decor later on. Really let the venue determine how much decoration you need. For instant if you're getting married in an orchard or at your childhood home then just skip your traditional archway and get married under a tree. You can hang lots of ribbons and crystals from it, along with lanterns. This saves you money and makes it much more sentimental as well. You can also work this into the centerpiece itself by going with a sprayed branch. This could be manzanita or curly willow, but you can also just spray paint typical backyard branches (depending on the quality). White gives it a modern look but metallic paints and hanging chandelier crystals add bling to it. This can be a way to save on your floral budget but stay chic.

This is also a great time to spruce up your front yard. Sure, home renovations as well as wedding planning equal tons of stress. However, this way you really get to keep your wedding décor long term. You might want to install a brick pavers patio, or construct a garden arch where the ceremony can take place. Just make sure that you don’t take on too much and leave yourself plenty of time. Plus, like with any outdoor wedding you’re really going to need to have a rain plan.