Have you ever tried to make your own home brew and Liqueurs? People have been brewing a variety of drinks for centuries, going back to the Al Capone days of bootlegging and prohibition with illegal liquor. In those days, illegal liquor stills were highly sought after and the authorities tried to destroy all these stills to prevent the crooks from selling their illegal liquor.

Anyone can make their home brew and is a great hobby for anyone to make all over the world. We can enjoy experimenting with the various brews and with the increased prices of all alcohol today you will save money by making it yourself.

We have been home brewing our alcohol at home for years. We have made it in the old days with molasses, hops, and sugar. Although it is so easy to make these days, simply buy a can of Coopers or one of the many other brands, and follow the directions on the can.

You can choose from many varieties. Make a non alcohol beer by not adding the sugar or there are light ales, light beer, mid strength, and the normal Lager, Stout, and Draft. Personally we like Coopers the best and is virtually fool proof.

Directions on how to put down a Home Brew in your home

1. You need to buy a home brewing kit. This kit should have all the necessary items to get you started. Before putting a brew down, make sure you have enough bottles, and the caps to seal them, if they are not included in the kit.

2. A large cooking pot is important, a can of home brew, sugar, water and a sachet of yeast. Place 2 liters of water on stove to boil, open can and stand in pot, when water heats up, empty contents of can into the water, and add 500grams of sugar (some use more, depending on required alcohol strength) dissolve contents by stirring until it simmers. While this is heating, sterilize your fermenter, with a sterilizing agent, and then rinse with hot water.

3. Once contents dissolved pour into the fermenter, and top up with cold water to suggested (20ltr mark) level. Add the yeast, stir, and put on the lid with the airlock in place. Make sure lid fits tight and put some water in the airlock to seal. That is it. Test it is sealed by pushing on side of fermenter, it should push water up in the airlock. Now you wait approximately seven days to brew, it may take less during the summer months.

Time to Bottle the Beer

4. Wash and sterilize thirty, of seven hundred and fifty mil bottles. Make sure you have the same amount of bottle tops. Alternatively, if you prefer stubbies, then you will need sixty of these. Put one teaspoon of sugar in each bottle, half teaspoon if using stubbies.

5. Fill bottles from fermenter, and cap. It is a good idea to write the date on the bottle top. Now leave for at least three weeks. Then place in fridge and enjoy a great enjoyable coldy. The longer you leave them to rest, the better it tastes.

We have made great alcoholic ginger beer; this was good because we used to drink this while racing at speedway and no one knew it was alcoholic.

A Word of Caution

Warning: Home brewing does have its downside. There is a chance it could explode.

I have had personal experience of that. We had our bottles stored in the laundry under the sink and the mop slipped hitting one bottle. It snowballed, setting off a dominoes effect; I was standing right in front of it. I have to admit I panicked at first as the blood ran down my legs. I could not think straight, and, tried brushing off the glass instead; I pushed it further into my skin.

As I was home alone, I jumped in the car and raced down to my husband's work, he took me to the doctor, who stitched me up. We were more careful after that. If this should happen, do not try to wipe the glass fragments off your skin. Instead, jump under the shower, this will remove the glass fragments without doing any more damage to your skin.

Never shake the beer up at all before pouring any beer. Pour it slowly as it is important to have a good head on your beer

Make your own Liquors

Now that you are and expert or proficient at making beer why not try something different and expand your expertise. Anyone can make all types of liqueurs, like Scotch whisky, cherry brandy, and, crème- de -menthe. In fact, you can make anything at all. Why not give it a go you will be surprised how much you will enjoy these drinks.

The benefit of brewing your own beer is you will save money and do not forget the feeling of achievement it will give you. Check out your local home brew shops and buy them when on special and save even more.