Sometimes You Just Have To Do It Yourself
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Sometimes you just have to do it yourself.

There are so many diy blogs on the internet packed with great information for homeowners who are willing to take on home projects.  I've pretty much been hooked on these kind of blogs for the past three years and I've been inspired by a few gems that consistently offer good information on tackling various projects ranging from bathroom renovations, baseboard and crown molding installation, painting cabinets, and refurbishing furniture.  I've gotten many ideas for own my home improvement and decor projects from these bloggers and I'm sure that you'll find many that you can tackle as well.  These aren't in any particular order because quite honestly I don't see how they could be rated; their all too awesome.  

Without further delay let's take a look...



Abby is the girl behind this blog and what is admirable about her site is that I feel like I can do just about any of her projects and I'm sure you could too!  Look around your home and think about all those small things that would add a special touch to your space or make it seem more homey.  If your wall is lacking art, Abby shares tips about finding unexpected wall art.  If you've got some frames and a cheap tablecloth that you picked up on clearance, then you've got art!   Do you need to wipe down those dirty baseboards and give them a fresh coat of paint?  She's definitely got you covered with a comprehensive post dedicated to painting baseboards for beginners.  You'll want to pin that one because she shares very easy tricks that makes the process go smoother.

Jen from I Heart Organizing


Where do I begin with this one?  Jen is a girl after any diy-er's heart.  Even though the blog name mentions organizing, you'll not only get organizing tips, you'll be inspired to create office spaces out of closets, cozy and colorful front porches, and turn basements into your very own living oasis.  Jen is very relatable, all of her projects are easy to follow, and importantly they are very realistic.  If you need a swift kick in the rear to organize anything or paint something pretty, I can assure you that this blog will give you all of that and some.


Chris isn't' just a girl who can keep a pretty house, she's a very clever girl and her projects prove it.  Have you ever thought of making wood coasters out of laminate wood floor samples?  Yeah, me neither.   What about some built-in bookshelves?  I'd like some custom bookshelves, however the thought of that is insanely intimidating for an average girl like myself.  That's until she shared her experiences building her own using Ikea Billy bookshelves.  Seriously, most ordinary people outside of this group of niche bloggers don't sit around and think of stuff like this.  Blogging is such a great way for creative folks like Chris to share these little awesome tidbits with us. 


Emily has a lot of amazing projects.  One that has circulated the web around three years now is her great pantry makeover.   She cultivates a sense of community with over four hundred comments alone on this post.  Step by step she provides realistic steps of how she achieved pretty and functional without spending a lot of money .  The Lazy Susan's for this space were an incredible idea and allowed her to use her pantry more efficiently.  This is a go to post when it's time to clean out the pantry.  How's your pantry looking?


Hands down, John and Sherry are the top dogs on any diy blog list.  Reason why?  They are witty, creative, and willing to take on just about anything.  They didn't get to the number one spot just based off of their traffic, they got there because they earned it through giving realistic accounts of their projects in a way a reader could relate.  No matter how difficult the project seemed, their tutorials make it possible for the average Jane or Joe to understand.  They are risk takers and if they mess up, they're not afraid to share that with you either.  They also know when some things are out of their league and they share every step of how they negotiate when contracting out projects.  

Blow by blow they give you an account of every experience and money-saving tricks that they have up their sleeve. They recently moved into their third home so they have plenty of more things to offer their readers.  Folks love them!  If you don't believe it take a look at their wildly successful tour they just finished for one of the most sought after diy books of 2012.  Their book is a huge deal to diy bloggers and many project lovers who've looked up to them since their first home.  One last thing before I get off my John and Sherry are amazing soapbox, check out their videos.  You'll be tickled silly.

John and Sherry from Young House Love

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Okay so maybe John, Sherry, and Sarah can share the number one spot?  Sarah of Thrifty Decor Chick has inspired probably about seventy-five percent of all the projects that I have done.  Honestly, she's a diy trendsetter.  It's taken her a few times to get the color of her island the way she's wanted it and her basement is coming along slowly, but I can vouch for the fact that even though she takes her time, she always ends up with a result that's incredible.  If you don't believe me just check out her latest bathroom re-do.  It took a couple of years, but its fabulous nonetheless.


Last , but not in any way least, we have Brooke from All Things Thrifty who helps bring out the inner thriftiness living in everyone.  All of her projects are fun and do-able.  One of her projects that makes a huge impact on her home is her coral and mint entryway.   Also, if you're ever in need of a good guide to painting furniture or spray painting, she has a painting furniture 101 guide and a post dedicated to everything she knows about spray paint.  Those two posts alone will make you antsy enough to get started on projects you didn't even know you wanted to tackle.

Now there you have it.  This is an excellent starting point for anyone new to the diy blog world. Whether you're an aspiring blogger or just a homeowner looking to spruce up your place, I can guarantee that between these sites listed, at least one of them will help you with anything you need to tackle.  Total kitchen and bathroom guts, see John and Sherry at Young House Love.  Need a little decor inspiration, check out Emily at Decor Chick or Sarah at Thrifty Decor Chick.  If you have papers hiding under your bed, see Jen at I Heart Organizing and get your home together in no time.