More and more people are doing crafts in recent years; not only to increase the earnings they can make from home but for the enjoyment they find in creating something themselves. What could be better than making your own beautiful crafts to give to your friends and loved ones for any special occasion like Christmas or Birthdays? It should be the thought behind the gift that counts.

How many times have you spent your holidays at the beach and walked along the shore picking up different colored kinds of shells in a variety of colors with the intention of doing something with them. Instead you leave them in the cupboard and forget all about them.

If you have never made anything with them, then it is not too late to start. And what better way of starting than to use those beautiful shells, this article is to introduce you to the art of creating cheap seashell jewelry gifts from those last seaside holiday adventures.

Shell-Necklace Jewelry Gifts

It is very simple to make jewelry from shells. The hardest part is sorting out the shapes and sizes of the shells to create it.

Things you will need

Assorted size, shape and color (look for ones with holes already in them)

  • Masonry drill with very small drill bit or needle for the more fragile ones
  • Cord thread or fishing line
  • Jewelry clasps to make it look more professional ( buy from craft shops)

Make the necklace

Before you start to thread the shells you will need to lay them out in the order in which you want them. Make sure that each side will be even with two or three larger shells at the base to rest on your chest. These larger ones can still be separated with smaller colored shells.

Now that you have the order worked out you will need to put tiny holes in the shells if they do not already have one.

Tie a loose knot in one end to prevent the shells falling off. Thread all the shells on in the order laid out. When finished attach one part of the clasp to each end of the thread. Now you can sit back and admire your handy work.

Make a pair of matching earrings

Well it is no good having the necklace without the matching earrings now is it? Buy a small packet of either stud or push through parts from your craft shop for your earrings. Glue one of the featured larger shells onto each of these. Now you have your matching earrings and necklace. That wasn't hard was it?

Create a shell-pendant

This can be done the same as the necklace except you will use a cord for this. You can still add a couple of shells either side of your featured shell.

Make a shell-ring

To do this you should buy a ring mount and glue to fix your feature shell on. These are both available from most craft shops.


Make a shell-Bracelet

You can also make a string of small shells strung on thin cord elastic. You can then wind these around your wrist several times as it will stretch to the required size.

You can also make ornaments or even doorstops from seashells so you don't have to limit yourself to making jewelry only. Be creative and come up with other gift ideas.

Earn money from your crafts

Now that you have made all this beautiful shell jewelry you could start selling it. This can be done from your own home at garage sales, flea markets or on any online auctions like eBay.

I hope this article has given you some ideas on what to make from your seaside holiday shells. Remember Christmas is coming and this is a great way to make cheap Christmas gifts from seashells.

Other benefits of collecting shells could be losing weight while walking on the beach

Another great idea for making your own Christmas Gifts