Christmas Bulb TreeChristmas bulb trees have become quite popular over the past few years. They are adorable and festive Christmas decorations that really stand out. Bulb trees offer a unique and beautiful touch to any home during the holidays. Unfortunately, Christmas bulb trees can be quite expensive when purchased at your local craft or retail stores. In addition, store bought Christmas bulb trees may not always come in the color or style that matches your current Christmas décor. One great way to get a Christmas bulb tree in the style you want at the price you want is to make it yourself. Homemade Christmas bulb trees are relatively easy to make and offer you the flexibility of creating a custom look to compliment your current Christmas décor, style, and color. Here is how to make your very own Christmas bulb tree to add to your current collection of Christmas decorations.

What you will need:
Styrofoam Cone
Garland of Tinsel
Christmas Ornament Bulbs (small and medium)
Hot Glue Gun
Glue Sticks

Most of the above items can be purchased at your local craft store such as JoAnns's or Michaels. For the Christmas ornament bulbs I would try WalMart, they sell plastic bulbs as shown on this tree and they are quite inexpensive. In addition, the plastic bulbs wont break when you are pushing them into the styrofoam tree and they tend to keep there shine without losing there color.Homemade Christmas Ornament Tree

Before purchasing the above items chose a color scheme that will blend well with your Christmas decor. When purchasing the styrofoam tree any color will do, the tree will be covered by tinsel so the styrofoam will not show. However, make sure that the strand of tinsel garland is a color that matches your bulbs as it will show through in some parts.
Decide how you would like your bulbs to be arranged on the tree. As shown here they are in 2 layers: bulbs that have a shine and bulbs that have a more matted look. You could do many different designs with Christmas bulbs; you could use all shiny bulbs, you could use layers of different colored bulbs, all different colored bulbs, the bulbs can be placed in layers diagonally or horizontally. There are quite a few options so play around with the layout before you get started.

1. Start at the top of your tree. Using your hot glue gun, glue the tip of the garland tinsel strand to the tip of the tree. Once that is secure and dry start wrapping the garland around the tree in a downward spiral making sure none of the Styrofoam is showing through.
Glue a small spot every few inches connecting the garland to the styrofoam.
Once you get to the bottom of the tree, cut off the remaining tinsel. Glue the end tip of the garland to the tree as you don't want it to be sticking out.
2. If the Christmas bulbs have an attachment for ornament hooks take them out before you start placing them on your tree.
3. Start at the bottom of the tree. Take the part of the bulb that had the ornament hook (this should now just be an open circle) and press it into the Styrofoam as far as you can.. Right next to this bulb place the second bulb into the tree the same way. Do this along the base of the entire tree. Some of the bulbs may not push into the Styrofoam due to the garland and that's fine. Go back through and separate the bulbs one at a time, placing one small dot of hot glue to connect the sides of the bulbs then push them together until the glue dries. Make sure you place the glue at a spot where the sides of the two bulbs touch.
3. Start your next row following the steps above only now you will need to add an additional small amount of hot glue to connect the bottoms of these bulbs to the tops of the bulbs on he bottom row that you just finished. Not every bulb needs to be attached top and bottom. Use your judgment to decide what bulbs should be glued at the bottom or top for security. Add glue where you think it is needed but make sure to add it where it will be seen least.
4. Continue this process up the entire tree. Once you get to the top place one single bulb on the tip of thDIY Christmas Decorationse tree.
5. Make a bow with matching ribbon and hot glue it to the tip of the single bulb on the top of your tree.

6. Items such as Christmas foliage, as shown, or Christmas snow can be added at the base of the tree for further style.

* Christmas Button Tree: Using Christmas colored buttons of your choice and corsage pins, pin your decorative buttons all over the Styrofoam tree until it is filled and no part of the styrofoam is visible. The button style Christmas tree turns out adorable and is really unique. You could also add a bow to the top as an accent but this tree really needs no added elements.
* Christmas Gum Drop tree. This is a favorite for kids and always turns out quite cute. Using toothpicks place gumdrops on one side of the toothpick, stick the opposite end of the toothpick into the styrofoam tree. Make sure you place the toothpicks as close together as possible to avoid empty spots where the styrofoam could be seen.
Another great replacement for gumdrops is jelly beans! When using either candy for your Christmas tree, choose colors that will go well with your current Christmas decorations.

This type of homemade Christmas decoration is also a great Christmas gift idea. If you know someone well and know their style and current Christmas colors used in their home during the holidays you could make them a Christmas bulb tree that compliments their current décor and style.

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