DIY Christmas WreathChristmas wreaths are a great accessory that can be added to the decorations that beautifully fill your home during the holidays. Christmas wreaths are dazzling, eye catching, and can add great character to your overall Christmas design scheme. However, store bought Christmas wreaths may not always be offered in the style and colors that you want unless you have them custom made. In addition, store bought Christmas wreaths can be quite expensive especially when they are custom made to match your home. One way to avoid the high cost of Christmas wreaths and still get the Christmas wreath you want is to make them on your own. Homemade Christmas wreaths are perfect for those who are looking to save money but also to add those simple yet unique touches that make your home décor stand out during the holidays. You want to have that beautiful, unique Christmas piece that holds your personal Christmas style and there is no better way to achieve this than through home-made, do-it-yourself Christmas decorations. Homemade Christmas wreaths are simple, inexpensive, and fun to make Christmas decorations. Not to mention that no one else will have one quite like yours, it will be unique and personal and a perfect fit for your overall Christmas style. Below you will find your step-by-step guide to making your very own, beautiful Christmas wreath to hang in your home this Christmas.

What you will need:
Christmas Garland
Green Craft Wire
Assorted Accessories (Flowers, bells, ornaments, berries, etc..)
Hot Glue Gun
Glue SticksHoliday Christmas Pink Decorations

Christmas garland can be purchased from almost any arts and crafts store. I would recommend Michaels because that is where most of the other materials are located.
Assorted Accessories, as seen here can be purchased at Michaels, and a few of them at WalMart (the pink snowmen and candycanes).

Michaels DIY Christmas Holiday Wreathhas an entire section dedicated to making wreaths.

They have a ton of bins that hold different items that can be added to your Christmas wreath. The selection includes flowers and trimmings that come in different, shapes, sizes, and colors. There is a lot to choose from so plan on spending some time there.

1. Take your Christmas garland and shape it into the size you want for your wreath. You will usually want to wrap the garland around at least twice to get a full looking wreath.
2. Cut off the excess garland.
3. Using your green craft wire wrap the wire tightly around the strands of garland in one or two different spots.
4. Place your assorted Christmas accessories around the wreath where you think they will look good. Play around with the layout until it is to your liking. Wreath Accessories
5. Once you have placed all items in the areas you would like them to be you will need to secure them. For flowers they usually have stems so you can press the stems toward the back of the wreath and wrap the stem to a strand on the wreath with craft wire. For other objects you should use hot glue to keep them in place.
6. Once the glue has dried turn your wreath over and tie ribbon to the back of the wreath on the garland. Cut two strands of ribbon and tie them securely to the garland. Once tied on to the garland, make a bow out of the two strands. You will use this to hang your wreath, if desired. If not, simply hang your Christmas wreath from a nail in the desired location of your home.

*When adding the trimmings to your Christmas wreath work in sections. Place your main focal items at 3, 6, 9 and 12 o'clock. Then take little fillers and place them in between.
*If you don't want to spend time shaping and forming your own Christmas wreath you can buy a ready made pine wreath at Michaels as well.
*Think of different things you can add to make your Christmas wreath unique: Ornaments, Christmas bulbs, candy canes, bows, etc…
*Decide on a style and color before purchasing accessories to avoid being overwhelmed with options.
*Check out your local dollar store for ornaments to save some money.
*Homemade Christmas wreaths are also a really great, unique Christmas gift idea.

Pink Kids Christmas WreathVariations:
There are many variations you can do with a homemade Christmas wreath. You can of coarse match it to your unique Christmas color scheme and style. You could also make a wreath for each room that you have decorated in your home for Christmas, you could make one for the front door, and you could also make for your children's doors. The wreaths shown here were made by my girls, with a little help, they wanted to make wreaths that matched the color of there rooms. They decided what items they wanted and when we were done making them, they hung beautifully on the outside of their doors all season long.
The point is you don't always have to do a traditional red and green wreath. Think of different options and ideas to make your Christmas wreath fun and unique, something personal to you. A few various themed ideas are:

Santa Wreath
Angel Wreath
Candy Cane Wreath
Star Wreath
Wreath of Flowers
Wreath of Bows
Christmas Bulb WreathChristmas Crafts

The options are endless. In addition to your style and theme you can add extra little touches. One great idea is to have an ornament hang down from the top of the wreath to dangle in the center, where the center circle is usually open and bare. It is an adorable touch to the perfect homemade Christmas wreath. There are many options available. Keep your eyes open for those little accessories that would be great for a Christmas wreath, you may be surprised how many little items that can be found to make to a wonderful homemade Christmas Wreath. No matter what, have fun with it. Like most things in life the more you work at it, the more you make, the better you will get at it. If you are looking for other great homemade Christmas decorations that are fun and inexpensive check out these other great homemade holiday decorations.

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