Novel Hanging planter pot


Plants look great in glass planter pots or terrariums. If you have ever thought about wanting to do something with glass then this is a great way to start out and once you get the hang of making these you could start on a new career with stained lead light glass or copper foil glass work.


Hanging planter potCredit: Titans Photography

There are so many hundreds of different designs that you can make with this type of glass work.

It is not too hard to make, in fact this would be a great beginner project. You will need a few tools before you can get started on making this simple but wonderful little planter pot.

Directions to make this hanging planter pot on the left is a simple one to make, with little cutting experience to get started with.




If you follow the directions below you too can make your own copper foil planter pot.

You will need:

A soldering iron Pliers Glass cutter 1-1/2 square foot piece of glass Solder Safety goggles Gloves Tape measure or ruler Marking pen (med) Copper foilFlux this helps with the soldering


The best way to buy these things is either from someone selling a few of their tools and glass, or go to a stained glass supplier.

Instructions to make your own small Terrarium

complete article

Specifications size of glass pieces

You will need to cut out 6 side pieces (you could do this using two different colors) three of each color and then cut out one bottom piece. For this you can use any scrap piece of clear glass and save your good glass for something else.

Once you have cut out each piece you have to wrap the copper foil firmly around the edges of each piece of glass.To do this, place the foil as though sticking tape on the edge of a box. Lay the foil lengthwise on the edge of glass. Pressing it firmly in place, wrap the sides over both edges and press firmly onto the glass.

Once you have put this right around each piece you have to tack each piece with solder in place to hold the top and bottom edges of the sides together.Remembering the shape has to fit to the base piece. Once this is done, stand the tacked sides upside down.Now place the bottom on the top, and tack this into place.If not exactly as you want it. Heat the pieces of solder that is wrong and re-solder it.When satisfied, that it looks right, solder all edges together on the outside then solder every join and around the top.Make sure that the soldered edges look nice and smooth like a professionally made object.

Remember that this is your first attempt at doing this so do not be too hard on yourself.It is a good idea to have a look at a few lamps and lead lighting articles before starting this project so as to give you more confidence as to how it will look in the end.

Place this diagram with the dotted line on the fold of paper because this is only half of the pattern.It must measure 7" in diameter exactly. You will need to draw up your own pattern to scale.


bottom half piece of pattern


You need to cut out six pieces exactly like this. It should measure six and a half inches high.side pieces

That is it, it isnt hard to do after all. Just wait and see what your friends think when you show them how clever you are to make one of these. Good luck

You can either download patterns on the internet or buy books from Traceys Glass or Delphi Glass or any of the other glass suppliers.


Blue copper foil glass planter potCredit: Titans Photography


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