Christmas can be a time of joy and a time of stress for many people. What with the rising costs of buying gifts and presents for family and friends it is no wonder that parents are stressed with the added pressure of trying to keep the kids amused during the school holidays.

Kids need to have fun too after all Christmas is celebrated during the school holidays and kids get bored very easy. I hope this article will give the kids something to do over the holidays and allow them to turn their creations into part of the festive celebrations in the form of Christmas decorations.

Coloring pages for kids

Kids have been either drawing their own pictures or coloring in pre-drawn pictures for centuries. And yet most kids still love to spend hours creating their own masterpieces; either with crayons, colored pencils or colored markers. Twenty children could all color in the same picture yet everyone will still look different with their unique talents and choice of colors.

All children do not share the same interests, therefore being able to download free Christmas coloring pages for kids will give them choices of what types of pictures interest them.

Types of Pictures

Christmas- Santa Claus, Christmas trees, Christmas stockings, presents under the tree

  • Pets- Birds, dogs, cats, horses, fish
  • Planes- helicopters, jets
  • Boats- steamships, canoes, yachts
  • Trains- Thomas the tank
  • Cars- speed cars, vintage, motorbikes, four wheel drives
  • Scenes-beach, travel, tents, camping





You name it they will enjoy coloring them all in. Below are a few links where you can download free Christmas coloring pages:

Coloring pages book for kids- boys

Coloring pages for kids


Kids spot

Christmas gifts

This is just an example of some of their pictures:

* Bringing in the Christmas Tree

* Christmas Stockings

* The Little Girl's Snowman

* Christmas Gifts

* Santa Claus and his Bag

* Santa Claus Visits

* Stringing the Christmas Ornaments

* Santa Claus and the Mail

* Wreath with Stockings and Stars

* Candy Cane

* Presents Under the Tree

* Christmas Angel Wreath

If you did not find anything to suit your particular childs interest, then go to your homepage and type into the search area "download free Christmas coloring pages". You will be surprised at how many more pages you will find.

Go to the websites and print these pictures for them to color in. Coloring in these pictures is not the end of their activity nor enjoyment that is just getting started.

Ideas for the finished colored pictures

Christmas decorations

If your child has colored in pictures of Christmas gifts or wrapped presents they can cut these out and glue them onto stiff cardboard. Put a hole in one corner and thread a piece of ribbon through the hole to create decorations for the tree. They could do the same with pictures of Santa Claus or anything you like.

They may want to make a big star or angel to go right on top of the Christmas tree.

Serviette Rings

Use a small festive picture: glue onto thin cardboard and glue the two ends together to form a ring. Each child could use a different picture or use different colors with the same picture. This will create a great set of serviette rings for the Christmas dinner table.

Place mats

Why not let them use their own pictures as place mats. All they need to do is put the picture inside a plastic bag and squeeze the air out and then seal the end so it will not be damaged or if you have your own laminator that will be better still.

Christmas cards

Print the pictures out on thin card paper. You could use different colored papers, with different pictures and once colored in they can write their own little message inside. Many kids love to give their schoolmates cards at Christmas, so this would be even better than a bought one and will keep them out of your hair while you are trying to cook all those Christmas goodies or wrapping the Christmas gifts.

Pictures to cover their school books

As the school holidays draw to a close you will have to go out and buy all their school books ready for the new school term. Why not use their lovely colored in pictures than sticking to the front covers on their school books. It may even remind them of all the fun they had preparing for Christmas day.

I trust that you should be able to find something in this article to keep your children busy this school holidays by making Decorations from Free Christmas Coloring Pages for Kids.

You as a parent can now do all those other important things like cooking that Christmas dinner without being disturbed and staying stress free.