Beautiful hair after applying dry shampoo

Hair check by TheChanel on Flickr

An easy, cheap and environmentally friendly alternative to dry shampoo

There's an ongoing trend happening now days 'make it, thrift it, craft it'.  Inspired by the green phenomenon and with a movement towards being more economical and efficient I wanted to find new ways to save on daily expenses.  Beauty products happen to be notorious for demanding a great deal of my weekly budget.  Dry shampoo is one of my must have items and I tend to go through at least one can per fortnight.  This stuff is golden.  I love how even when my hair is disgusting and sweaty after a session of Bikram yoga, I can spray the dry powder is my hair, brush it through and be out the door looking like I have just had a blow wave.  The only problem is it is very expensive and yet it is one of those products I simply cannot go without.  I am completely addicted. 

When I was looking at my last empty can on the shelf and wondering if I could ever find a suitable, less expensive substitute, I noticed that one of the active ingredients was none other than humble, cheap, readily available, rice flour.  I ran (yes ran) to the kitchen, found a box of rice flour lurking at the back of my cupboard and put it on my head.  Sure enough, this DIY dry shampoo method really works!  So here is my quick and easy dry shampoo alternative to the expensive aerosol cans in the drug stores.

This is as an economic, free from additives, beautiful smelling alternative that will leave you wondering why you ever bought that artificial spray in the first place!

1.  Go to kitchen
2.  Find rice flour lurking at the back of cupboard 
3.  Find gorgeous crystal dish that will pretty up bathroom
4.  Put rice flour in dish and add 3 drops of your favourite essential oil (lavender or mandarin smells amazing in this)
5.  Find an old make-up powder brush (give it a wash and let it dry)
6.  Dip brush in flour, tap of the excess and apply to roots, let it sit for a few minutes then brush out.  Voila!

I love keeping this is a little crystal sugar dish on my dresser, it just looks so pretty!  It can be a little bit messy (kind of like using mineral powder) so be sure to put a towel over your shoulders before applying your powder and brushing it out (note: do not apply whilst wearing favourite black blazer).  Enjoy!