Why Your Dog May Need Boots

Dog boots can be expensive to purchase as you do risk losing them during walks or through general wear and tear.  This article will give you a simple and quick DIY way to make rubber dog boots for your pooch for less than 5 dollars. 

So why would you want to make boots for your dog? 

Reason #1:

Boots are great protect from cold weather as the cool dry air can cause the pads of their paws to crack.  They also do a great job of protecting paws from winter salt which can cause pain to their paws.

Reason # 2:

Boots are also great protection during hot weather as the pavement your dog walks on can burn their paws.

So how do we make these boots for $5 or less?

Here are the following items you need:

  • 1 Bag of Helium Balloons that can be purchased at any local retail store
  • A Pair of Scissors
  • Dog Treats
Credit: Snappingus

Step 1

Sizing up the Balloon

You first want to make sure you buy the correct size of the balloons.  The particular one that I buy are the large size and they can be purchased at any retail store with a party supplies section.

Cutting the Balloon
Credit: Snappingus

Step 2

Cutting the Balloon

Once you measure out the approximate width of your dog's foot, you cut across the skinny part of the balloon.  Please be sure not to have the opening too tight as you don't want to cause discomfort to your dog's foot as it will wrap around the upper part of their paw.

Cut Balloon
Credit: Snappingus

Step 3

Putting it on Your Dog

Some dogs may not like having boots put on them, this is where the dog treats come in.  Simply reward you pup every time you successfully put on a balloon and they'll become conditioned to it in no time!

Boot on Dog
Credit: Snappingus

Above is a picture of my dog wearing a boot on one of his sore paws.  Because of running in the snow he unfortunately scuffed up his paw on some ice.

 As you can also see in the picture, there's some salt on the sidewalk which would have caused more discomfort for him if he didn't have a boot on.

Ripped Boot
Credit: Snappingus


But no sweat

As you can see the boots do eventually rip, but even though the nail has ripped through the boot, it is still usable as the paws are still protected from the salt and cold.

What's great about using the helium balloons is the cost involved.  A bag of balloon usually contain 20-30 balloons each so if they rip or get lost during the walk it's not too big of a deal.  A bag of 30 balloons at $5 would only set you back 17 cents!

The boots usually last me 2-4 walks depending on the length, but it is a cheaper alternative to buying dog boots that retail from $10-30.

One Final Word

If you dog shows any discomfort at all boots may not be the best idea.  As loving owners I'm confident in you ability to gauge whether homemade boots would benefit your dog.

I hope this article was helpful as I know first hand owning any pet can be expensive.  Any means to help owners save money and have their dog benefit is good in my books.


If you have any questions or comments about this DIY project please do not hesitate to contact me.