DIY gift ideas can help you save money around the holidays or on all those June wedding presents. Use your own skills and items that you already have around the house to give a unique one of a kind gift that your friends will treasure for years to come. Cheap homemade gifts give you a chance to use your creativity even if you don't consider yourself to be the crafty type.

Artwork is a great diy gift idea. It can even be perfect for diy anniversary gifts.  Plus, it's one of the few ways you can make presents for guys. Even if you don't consider yourself an artist, remove the restrictions that you've placed on yourself. Splash paint on a large canvas for a modern house warming present. Use your graphic design skills to make your friend a custom blog header or theme template. Paintbrushes and templates allow you to create a scrapbook in just minutes. Create a funny but tasteful comic strip using simple stick figures to describe your relationship. Frame any scraps of paper or art so your friend can keep the diy gift for years to come.

Memories in a jar is a fun diy gift idea. Use a large mason jar and fill it with items that remind you of the birthday girl. These can be seashells from a trip, photos, or scraps of paper with meaningful words on it. This can serve as a unique home accessory that your friend can still be discovering in the days to come. You can even assemble several christmas craft gift ideas at once.

Use your hobby for funky inexpensive homemade gifts. Knit your family matching scarves or give an afghan as a wedding accessory that can warm up the home of the new couple. If you're a writer dedicate a blog post to the special occasion or write down the story of how you met the person. If music is your thing make a mixed CD or record a song written just for the person.

You might not even be able to afford supplies to execute most diy gift ideas. Give a coupon for free cooking classes or babysitting. Buy movie tickets to a show you wouldn't normally agree to go to in order to surprise the person. Rent a tandem bicycle or stock up a plain basket full of favorite picnic foods for a DIY gift that won't be forgotten anytime soon. For more elaborate diy gift ideas offer to paint a room in someone's home or help them with their own DIY project.

DIY gifts allow you to add your own personal flair to basic holidays. Give yourself extra time to create your gift so you can execute the project properly and so you don't feel rushed. Start collecting diy gift ideas months in advance so you can collect the proper materials.