organza drape

Be Creative - Try Something New

Like everything, deciding on how to cover our windows to protect them from the heat in the summer and keep the house warmer in winter is not cheap.There is a variety of ways to do this.You need to go window-shopping and find out what is the best solution for each of your rooms.What suits one home may not work for yours?

Blinds, there are many types – Wooden, or Aluminum, Verticals and many others.These also come in a variety of colors.The verticals suit me best because I find that the dust does not lodge on them like the horizontal ones.That's because I hate cleaning them.

Normal pull down blinds


Why not buy a cheap plain blind, then use nice template and put a pattern across the bottom to take the plainness away from it.Choose a color that will work with any color curtains, in case you decide to change them.

Curtains and drapes


Stylish curtainThese are not cheap, even buying the material can still turn out expensive, if you are not good at measuring and sewing.

Here are a few ways of covering the windows that will not cost the earth, at least until you can afford something better.

1. Sheets can be an ideal way of covering your windows.For small windows use a pair of single sheets.When you buy any sheets, the hem at the top is usually wider than at the bottom.Simply thread the rod (or if only small hem) Use the covered spring wire through and hang your curtains.

Use Double for wider windows or if you want a fuller curtain.It is natural that the Queen and King Size sheets will work equally well on bigger windows.

2. Buy Seconhand. If you are really battling then go to the Salvos or any Op Shop and watch out for good sheets.If you would like to dress this up a bit, you could add a flounce across the top.

I bought 3 meters of see through plain colored material (this can be organza or any colored) material. You will not want something that clashes with your curtain material though. My window had a bracket going across the top with the hooks on it.Instead of using the hooks, I left a piece of material hanging down one side then looped the material over and over right across the top then let the other end hang down the other side.

From time to time I change this by draping the ends to hang the same gather the centre up to the middle and pin it in place.It gives it a whole new look.

You could also buy wide colored ribbons, and tie the curtains back during the day.

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This type of curtain will keep the cold and hot out and save you money in the process

Cafe Curtains

These look great at any window, especially in the winter lace ones let the warm sunshine inside.When it starts to heat up why not make a straight piece of white cotton the same size as the curtains (just below the cutout part) hem the four sides then attach it to the curtains with press studs.This will cut out the glaring sun.

Whatever you decide to do, use your imagination and be creative.

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