Jewelry can be a great accessory for that perfect outfit.  You can get necklaces, bracelets, earrings and all kinds of chains that just make you not only look good but feel great.

But jewelry storage can be a problem.  How many times have you gone looking for your favourite necklace only to grab it in a hurry and have a few chains and a bracelet all attached to it? 

If you own enough of it, it can turn into a tangled mess very quickly and they just seem to get harder and harder to pull apart especially with some of the bigger beads.

It is amazing how you can simply throw it on a hook and somehow they all get tangled up.  Next thing you know you are not wearing your favourites or you are spending your weekends trying to detangle them so that you can wear them again.  If you find yourself wearing the same ones over and over again because you can’t find the one that matches at the bottom of the pile, then maybe this would be a great weekend project for you.  Not only can you dress up that room but you will be organized too!

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Perfect for those Hurried Mornings

You can get all kinds of jewelry hooks and things that look like trees that fit nicely on your dresser and as long as you don’t layer too many things on the hooks and branches it will work fine.

But what happens if you don’t have surface room, or maybe you don’t even have room for a dresser?  If you have wall space then this project will work great for you.  Having a place for your most wearable items at eye level makes them easier to get at and use. 

Plus they make a great decoration for your wall.  So instead of simply throwing posters up,  get a few of these 3D trays and have all your baubles in one place and display your “wearable art”.

What you will Need:

Wooden Cutlery Tray – You can get these in bamboo at most department stores or online with Amazon.  You can get different style ones.  For example,  if you mostly have chains and necklaces you could get single organizers (like ones that get used just for spoons) and put them together on the wall.DIY jewelry storage

Acrylic Paints or Leftover House Paint

If you have been painting and decorating or have a few accent paints leftover this would be the perfect way to use them up.  But if you prefer themed colours then you could get those little bottles of acrylic paints from the craft store.

Sand Paper (if needed) and a good paint brush

Screw In Hooks or Knobs

These will be to hang your jewelry, so decide which will work best for you.

Strong Picture Hooks – This is for the back of your piece so it can hang securely so make sure you get hooks that can take heavy frames.

Seville Classics Bamboo Cutlery Tray, Medium
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How to Make:

Take your wooden tray and give it a light sand as sometimes when you get them they may have a bit of a wax finish on them, so make sure to sand any finish off.  Then make sure and clean all your dust off the piece.

Take your brush and paint your tray on the inside and the out.  Let it dry between coats and watch out for any drips.  You may want to cover your table with plastic to protect it.  You can use wild colours or you can use accent colours. 

If you have a lot of colour themed jewelry you could make a frame specific to that colour theme for some fun and to add some whimsy to your bedroom walls.  You could also paint the outer frame black and then the inside white or cream.  This is where you can have some fun.

Add your screw in hooks at the top of each column or the knobs.  Make sure they are secure enough to hold your accessories.

Turn over the piece and attach your hook for hanging the unit.


You could put a few of these together to look like a large frame or you could stagger them.  Using a theme that matches the colour of the beads or chains so that they are in their right place makes them easier to find and wear and put back.

Everyone is going to think you got some new jewelry and accessories as you get organized.  By using a theme when displaying them, such as black beads all in one frame with a black frame and white interior for example would look awesome when displayed.

If you have red pieces then create a red frame with whit interior.  This would look very decorative and make your room pop.

You can purchase all kinds of storage for your accessories, but there is something unique about creating your own, and no one will ever guess that they came from the kitchen cutlery accessory department.

You can get lightweight bamboo ones online at Amazon and you can get them in all shapes and sizes.  You can use the smaller compartments for rings, or earrings.  Or you could create one just for earrings as they can easily get disorganized in that bowl on the dresser.

If you want to make your walls pop and add some zip and at the same time you are looking for ways to store your accessories, then why not simply display them?  Get creative.  This is a fun project that will work great for you, but would also make a great gift idea especially if you are on a budget.

You could also take it up a notch and use stamping or create a pattern in the paint, or you could write on the sides or in the columns some inspirational quotes, that you will see when you take your necklace out to wear.  Jewelry storage can be fun!