If you have a toddler a home, now is the perfect time to get them ready for pre-school or kindergarden.  Here are some activities you can do right at home to get them ready for school.

1. Letters and Numbers: Make or print bubble letters and numbers on cardstock for your child to color. While they are coloring tell them what the letter or number is.  After they are done coloring use them as flashcards.

2.  Memory: Test your child’s memory by making a game of memory.  Using cardstock, cut 8 equal pieces.  Use three or four pieces for a more challenging game.  Add pictures of animals and characters to the cards.

3.  Finger Puppets:  Go to to print out finger puppet designs for free.  Using different color pieces of felts, trace the patterns onto the felt.  This is great to teach your child the different animals and the sounds they make.

4.  Shapes and Colors:  Cut or draw a bunch of squares on cardstock and color them all different colors. Do the same for circles, rectangles, triangles, and ovals.  This will teach your child shapes and colors at the same time.  

5.  Make Flashcards:  Using cardstock,  cut six equal pieces.  Add animals, shapes, and colors for your toddler to learn.  

6.  Make a weather calendar:  Make a calendar out of cardstock.  Make snow, clouds, sun, and snow out of felt or foam pieces.  Place Velcro on all the days of the month and also on the back of the weather conditions.  It will teach your kids about all the different types of weather and also the days of the week.  

7. Matching Game:  Take a piece of black felt as your board.  Take a piece of brown felt and make a bunch of ice cream cones.  Take different colored felts and make two of each color half circles to serve as ice cream scoops.  Sew or glue the scoops onto the cones.  Place Velcro on the board and on the back of the ice cream cones.  This is a fun way for your child to match up the correct colors to each other.

8.  Dress up Bear:  Do an image search for a standing cartoon bear.  Print a picture of a bear standing and trace it onto a piece of brown felt.  Add his facial features and make some different colored felt shirts, pants, hats and shoes.  Your child will learn how to dress the bear and what the article of clothes are.  It is also great for teaching children all the body parts.

9.  Learn to tell time:  Cut a big circle out of felt.  Make the numbers out of foam pieces and use craft glue to glue them to the felt clock.  Take a permanent marker and add small lines for every minute between the hours.  Make two clock hands out of felt and cut a small hole in the middle of the clock and on the hands of clock.   Fasten the hands to the middle of the clock with a metal fastener.  

10. Shape hopping:  Cut different shapes out of construction paper and lay them on the floor.  Shout out a shape and color and have your child jump on that color and shape.