Do you want to quit smoking fast? Here is a simple quit smoking hypnosis technique that anyone can do for himself or herself. All you need is persistence, some free time, your cigarettes and something you do not like to eat (for many people, that would be something spicy like chili; for others, that would be celery or something else entirely). When you first start, you will probably need half an hour. Once you get enough practice, you should be able to finish in five to ten minutes. Initially, to create the hypnotic conditioning faster, you should practice at least once daily. Later on, you will only need to do this when and as necessary to renew the hypnotic conditioning.

Now, you may wonder why I asked you to prepare cigarettes and chili. What do these items have to do with quit smoking hypnosis (especially the chili)? These are actually props. One big problem with most self hypnosis techniques as well as professionally administered hypnosis is that it needs a lot of imagination. Unfortunately, for myself at least, my power of visualization is vague and misty rather than concrete. This is why many self-help techniques do not work for me - they require the concrete visualization of a positive outcome. Considering that so many self help books have been written, yet so many people still have not managed to help themselves, I suspect I am not alone with this problem. But using props like cigarettes and chili for a simple, concrete hypnotic technique completely overcomes this issue.

You should perform this quit smoking hypnosis session in a quiet comfortable place where you will not be disturbed. The first step is to initialize the hypnotic condition so that your mind is prepared to accept the new program. There are many ways to do this, but one of the easiest is to count backwards from 100 to 1. You know you are there when a feeling of calm and relaxation steals over you. Some people can reach this feeling even before they count down to 1, but others may need to repeat the 100 to 1 count several rounds. Regardless, know that it will get easier as you do it more often.

Do you feel that all this is too easy? Is something so simple really even self hypnosis? You are not alone. A classically trained hypnotist would probably agree with you. But a number of modern neuroscience (mind-body) researchers have asserted that their research shows that a hypnotic trance starts to happen when you stop critical thought. When measured on an ECG, this starts happening when your mental frequency drops from beta down to alpha. Classical hypnotism occurs at below that brain frequency at theta, and going any deeper will send the subject into deep sleep at delta. This simple counting backwards from 100 to 1 is an easy method to drive your mental frequency down into the alpha level where your mind can easily accept suggestions for quit smoking hypnosis.

One advantage of working at the alpha frequency rather than the deeper theta frequency is that you retain greater control over what is happening. You can do it yourself and you can use props like your cigarettes and the chili. You do not have to rely on anyone else, and you can dynamically adapt to new situations as they arise. The downside is that alpha is less powerful than theta for hypnotic conditioning so you will need more repetitions of the entire quit smoking hypnosis exercise before it becomes effective.

So once you feel calm and relaxed, perform the actions you normally would when you start smoking, except this time you also bite down on the chili. Most people, especially for the first time they perform this quit smoking hypnosis technique, would forcibly leave their hypnotic conditioning at this point. This is where persistence comes in. You need to repeat this again and again until biting on the chili does not send you out of the alpha mental state (i.e. you can still remain calm and relaxed). Once you reach this stage, you will have successfully formed the anchor between the act of smoking and unpleasantness (the spicy chili burning your mouth). From now on, every time you light up a cigarette, the mental anchor will make you taste the fiery chili burning your mouth.

Not many people can do this more than once or twice in a single session. Do not push yourself beyond your limits. Try for two sessions of quit smoking hypnosis everyday. There is another important point to note. Even after the anchor is successfully formed, you need to repeat this regularly, otherwise the anchor will fade away. When can you stop this maintenance step? Whenever you feel in control of your smoking habit. This could mean completely stopping smoking for some people, while it could mean still taking a puff or two for social situations. Some may want to renew their conditioning every month even after they have complete control, while others will only renew their conditioning whenever they falter. It is entirely up to you.

There you have it - a simple quit smoking hypnosis technique that anyone can do even if they have poor imagination. Of course, if you have better imagination you can just visualize, feel and taste the entire event. However, using the props and going through the actual motions will really put you into the flow of things. When only relying on visualization, many people eventually start taking shortcuts, like not fully tasting the burning sensation of the chili. This will eventually undercut the effectiveness of their hypnosis. Using props prevents that.