DIY Shoe Storage

This is a great idea, especially if you don't have a lot of space, or you don't have your own built in cupboard. Apart from that, it just adds character and you can make something like this really interesting.

  • Use pre cut six inch PVC pipe for this project. Get as many as you need. You should use a PVC cement glue to join them together. It is also a good idea to sand down the edges before you start gluing. You can paint them before you attach them together or aftwerwards, or you can just leave them as they are. You can hook this on the wall, or simply leave it on the floor.shoe storagephoto credit:
Genova Products 30107CP 3/4-Inch PVC Pipe Coupling - 10 Pack
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(price as of Aug 28, 2013)
Having something already pre cut like this, will save you a lot of trouble in the long run, because you don't need a lot of tools out of the garage to add to a lot of extra work.

DIY Storage Boxes Made of Fabric

These are great because you can use them anywhere in the house, and nobody would know that they were made from an ordinary cardboard box. Besides a box like this this, you just need a nice piece of fabric that appeals to you, as well as some glue.

  • Start by cutting the fabric, into pieces, so that one section will fit at the bottom of the box, and the others will be just right for the sides. You can now do the same with the inside of the box.

This is good for putting towels and linen in, which you can store in the bathroom. A small box can be used in the kitchen for all sorts of things like spices and things for baking. You can even use one for all of the toys. If you do put them in the bathroom, make sure that you use something that is going to cope with a couple of splashes.


storage box
Duck Brand Corrugate Shipping Boxes, 11.75" x 8" x 4.75", Brown, 12 Pack (394526)
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(price as of Aug 28, 2013)
If you can't find any boxes lying around in your area, you can pick a set of 12 off here, for just over a dollar per box. You have to admit, that is not a bad deal for a storage box. This may look bland and boring now, but you will soon be surprised with the total transformation.

Jewelry Organization DIY

Don't you hate it when you are always running around, trying to find the other earring that could be anywhere. This is where it is useful to be organized. You can be creative with this, and bring a sense of interest into your room.

  • Use a grater, paint it an interesting color, and hang your earrings from there.
  • Hang your necklaces from a hanger.
  • Add a row of hooks on the wall and use these to place your jewelry on there. You can even build hooks on something else like a rustic wooden board, painted to your liking.
  • Use a cupcake stand, and decorate this according to the theme of your storage

photo credit:

  • You can find something like this, in the above photo at a fleamarket or garage sale. You can also use an old fame, and attach hooks to that.

Makeup DIY Storage Ideas

Makeup is another thing that tends to end up all over the place. Usually it gets tossed in a draw, and you end up with one big mess on your hands.

makeup brush holder

  • Use a glass jar or vase, decorate this with washi tape and half fill it with small white beans. This is perfect for all of your makeup brushes because they will stand up straight.
  • Another technique that is great for brushes is using glitter on tumblers. Use a strong glue or mod podge with this. This looks really good.
  • Use a magnetic board for flat things like blusher, and you will never have a mess again. This also looks good if you make it look good by wrapping it in something decorative that goes with your decor. You should use a flat metal board like a cookie sheet, and then glue the magnets at the back of the makeup.
  • You can use cardboard boxes like the one above and staple them together, so that they are not floating all over the place. These will act like separate compartments.
  • Mason jars always come to good use, but you may find these a litte unattractive. However, with a little creativity and imagination, you can bring them to life. Use spray paint and washi tape as well as ribbon and other painting techniques.
  • A bead organizer is a perfect way of finding and organizing everything. There is not much chance of losing anything if you have one of these.

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