Weddings can become very costly. Any money that can be saved will help the new couple greatly. Making your own centerpieces can help you with that. Here are some DIY centerpieces that will look great on your tables.

Candles in a bowl: You will need:
-Heart shaped glass bowls
-Colored Sand or rocks
-Seashells and Sand
- Votive Candles
Take heart shaped glass bowls and fill them with colored sand or rocks. Place a votive candle in the middle of the bowls. They will look beautiful and romantic on your tables. Another way of creating this look is to add sand and place your votive in the middle. Take seashells and spread them around the candle and sand.

Wine Bottles: You will need:
-Wine or Champagne
-Plain white paper
-Glue Stick Take bottles of wine or champagne. On plain white paper, print large tables number off and wrap and glue them around the wine or champagne bottles. Guests will be able to enjoy wine all evening.

Floating Candles: You will need:
-Circle Bowls or Tall vases
-Floating Candles
Take circle bowls and fill them half way with water. Place floating candles in the water. Add embellishments to the vases such as flowers or hearts. Another way to make this centerpiece is to take tall cylinder vases and add colored rocks to the bottom. Fill it ¾ of the way with water and add your floating candle.

Romantic Poem: You will need:
-Decorative Paper
-Picture Frames
Find a romantic poem online. Type it up in a word document with romantic font. Print out copies on decorative paper such as a paper covered in roses. Place the poems in a frame and put them on the center of all the tables for your guests to read.

Fruit Centerpieces: You will need:
-Large Glass Bowls
Use this centerpiece and your guests can enjoy a healthy snack during your reception. In the large glass bowls add fruits such as apples, oranges, and bananas.

Flowers and Candles: You will need:
-Fresh flowers
-tea light candles
-tea light holders
This centerpiece will look elegant and romantic on your tables. Take flowers in their vase and place them on the tables. Take the tea lights in their holders and place them in a circle around each vase.

So if you are looking to save some money on your wedding, consider making your own centerpieces. It will save you money and they will impress your guests when they find out you made them yourself.