Trundle beds save space

A space saver trundle bed is a great way to supply the extra bed for the children's sleepovers.

The plus side is; it takes up no more room in their bedroom until bedtime. The added bonus is; it can be left made up ready for the next unexpected visitor.

Turn the metal frame upside down and drill a hole in each corner of the frame.Make sure to drill the hole about one inch in from the corners so no one kicks their toes on them.

The only downside is that you will need to allow room beside the child's bed to pull it out.I know kids never mind about jumping over the beds, for safety it would be best to allow room to walk between them.

Need to know

The underneath bed needs to be slightly shorter and narrower than the top one. The ideal situation would be a three quarter bed for the top with the single narrower one underneath.

You can make the trundle bed out of either a metal frame or a solid wooden frame.Now my idea is to use existing frames, that's right no hard work involved if we can help it.

Buy or Find a second hand Frame and Save work

The cheapest way for making this is to scrounge at your next road verge clean-ups where everyone dumps things that they no longer want, onto their verge. That's right you drive around until you find a solid metal bed frame with good springs. No you do not want the bed ends, just the spring base.

If you cannot find a metal one then start looking for a solid wooden base. I remember years ago when they used to have a base with a lounge cushion on top. One of those would be ideal. If you cannot find one, ask your friends if they have one. You can also checkout the second hand shops.You do not need anything spectacular as you can paint or stain it.

Hopefully you have found a frame to use.

 Things you will need

  • 1 metal or wood bed frame (no legs or bed ends)
  • 4 solid short leg casters
  • 1 Mattress (a solid piece of thick foam or rubber could be cut down smaller than the bed frame) Cover this with homemade mattress cover if you can sew. Or buy a smaller mattress. I would never advise anyone to buy a secondhand mattress, for health reasons.
  • Hammer and screw drivers
  • Drill

A handy person could make their own bed in a couple of hours


Method for metal frame trundle bed

Screw caster into each hole. That was simple to make your space saver trundle bed, eh what! Now in case the corner pieces do not have reinforcements you may need to put a nut on the top where the screw from the cast comes through.This will reinforce it. If scratched, then you could repaint with enamel.We did ours with a can of spray paint.

Method for Wooden frame trundle bed

Remove the existing wooden legs and again as with the metal frame.Drill holes into corners and attach caster legs. If the frame you have purchased has no reinforcing in the corners then you could cut out a triangle of wood for each corner and screw and glue into the underneath corners to fix caster legs to.

Now either paint or use a wood stain to match the top bed of your trundle bed.

Place your mattress on top and make up the bed ready for the next sleepover. And simply push it out of site under the top bed.Now you have your trundle bed.

Earn money making and selling trundle beds

If you have done a good job of making this. Then show your friends and start taking orders and sell them. Its amazing how you can make money from home. Its getting started that is the hardest part.

 There are many ways of saving space with different ideas on using space saving trundle beds. Some of these may help you choose what sort to use.

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