DK BMX bikes are a reputable brand of cycles and cycle components and they have been around for over 30 years. It wasn't until the 1990s when DK BMX bikes were actually born though. They started in 1979 by a man who worked at GM and helped his son produce a stem for a moped his son, Charlie Danishek, was trying to build. The custom stem became so popular among Charlie's friends that the entire Danishek family started making and selling custom stems right out of their home garage, under the company name "K & G Stems". After an Indianapolis race known as the Jag, the modern DK BMX bikes name was created which stands for "Dad and Kids" in honor of the family business they established right from home.

For the next 6 years the family continued to produce top-quality stems for cycles and finally moved on to a freestyle seat post clamp in 1985 that featured a unique 2-inch standing platform with grip tape included that proved to be a big success. In 1994, DK BMX bikes introduced their first frame, a dual-purpose jumping and racing model. Shortly after that they upgraded to a more durable chromoly frame that was specially designed for dirt jumping and also a very popular street/ramp frame in 1997.

It's now 2010, and DK BMX bikes are considered by many riders, both street and racing, to be some of the best cycles, parts and components on the market. They have models for all ages and each of them are specifically designed for different purposes and built to last with top precision for maximum performance. Some of the most popular DK BMX bikes for kids, teens and adults today are the Helio, Havok, Raimei, Effect, and the classic General Lee Series.

DK BMX Bikes

The Best Cheap DK BMX Bikes for Sale

Let's take a look at a few of the best affordable models and what makes them so great. First we'll start with the 2010 Helio. This 20-inch cycle comes in both black and white and has a park/trail design frame with removable tabs and a 100% chromoly fork. These cheap DK BMX bikes also come with some other nice features such as Tsuka grips, Cane Creek integrated sealed headset, 8-inch 2-piece chromoly handlebars, alloy front load stem, tubular 3-piece 175mm chromoly cranks, a tough CNC alloy sprocket, spanish sealed BB with chromoly spindle, 36H Alienation PBR rims with alloy hubs and Tektro FX-340 alloy U-brakes.

You can buy these cheap DK BMX bikes for sale on Amazon for only $339.99. For all of those amazing features, that price is very generous, especially considering the great reputation the Helio has.

Next up is a model called the Siklon. With its 20-inch park/trail design machined headtube frame, and only weighing in at about 26 to 27 pounds, this is easily one of the best DK BMX bikes for sale because of it's light, yet durable construction that many riders adore. They come with Kenda Multi-Surface 20-by-2.1-inch front and 1.95-inch rear tires, a tubular 175mm 3-piece crank, a 1.125-inch chromoly steer tube fork, tough Tsuka grips, a 1.125-inch top load alloy stem, 1.125-inch threadless headset, seatstay mounted Tektro Alloy U-brakes and 36H alloy rims with 14mm rear axle. They also have free additional accessories like two peg.

These cheap DK BMX bikes for sale cost about $230 from, which is over $50 less than the retail price, and you can choose from several colors like red/white, black/white, black/blue, purple/white and flat red.

The last model we will discuss is the 2010 Cygnus. Like the previously showcased DK BMX bikes for sale, the Cygnus also has a park/trail design chromoly main frame, Tsuka grips, alloy front load stem and 175mm tubular chromoly 3-piece cranks. They also include a 1.125-inch threadless headset, standard Tektro alloy U-brakes, Kenda park/trail tires, mid-sealed BB with chromoly spindle and 36H alloy rims with alloy hubs.

If you are looking to buy the Cygnus, they are relatively cheap DK BMX bikes at about $270. You can get them on Amazon as well as many other websites like and

These were just three of the most popular and highest selling DK BMX bikes for cheap and there are many more to choose from. Below is a list of the other models you may want to take a look at:

  • Opsis
  • Kvant
  • General Lee
  • Aura
  • Spektre
  • Effect
  • Sentry
  • Valiant
  • Asterick
  • Tracer

DK BMX bikes have proven over the years why they are among the elite when it comes to cycles, frames and other components.