Today, drivers are required to purchase their own car insurance in order to receive financial assistance if ever they were involved in an accident. The type of insurance coverage that drivers should have differs in every state. For example, drivers in California are required to have liability insurance while drivers in New York, Minnesota, and Florida should have Personal Injury Protection (PIP) insurance.

Different types of insurance were created to protect drivers who were involved in a car accident. However, some insurance companies do not immediately help the insured driver because doing so may be expensive for them.

After an accident happens, your actions will dictate the outcome of your insurance claim. If you want to increase your chances of being compensated, here are the different do's and don'ts that can help you handle your car accident insurance claim:


  • Contact your car insurance agent immediately after the accident. However, you should first make sure that you understand all the issues and details involved in your coverage. This goal may be accomplished by reading the "Exclusions" and "Coverage" sections of the policy.
  • Take pictures of the accident area, the damage sustained by the vehicle, and injuries you are suffering from. These pictures will enable you to prove that the other party is at fault in the accident and that you suffered from losses as a result of it.
  • Record every conversation you have had with the insurance adjuster. In addition, it is also advisable that you ask for the name, job title, and contact information of all the people you communicate with, including the insurance agent of the other party.


  • Give formal or recorded statements to the insurance agent if you do not understand the details included in your policy.
  • Immediately accept the initial amount being offered by the insurance company. Remember, insurance companies often try to underpay insured drivers so it is better if you have a reasonable amount of money in mind before you participate in negotiations.
  • Sign any documents, including waivers or released, without consulting a Los Angeles car accident lawyer. You should not be tempted to accept an inadequate and premature settlement pay from the insurance company even if you suffering from financial problems as a result of the accident.

Your attorney will determine if the amount that is being offered to you will be able to cover all your losses. If not, he will help you negotiate for a bigger amount of monetary compensation.