The British Army is issued all the clothing and kit needed to carry out its daily routine. From sleeping bags and sunglasses to Parade uniform and Assault boots.  If all this given at no cost to the serving soldier then why are they so insistent on buying more to serve the same purpose?  The answers are simple; efficiency, comfort and to look good.  Here are some of the most popular buys:

Snugpak Softie Sleeping Bagsoftie snugpak 15 discovery sleeping bagCredit: amazon

Of any personal kit or equipment that the British Army soldiers purchase for comfort, having first hand experience, I can say that the softie sleeping bag is fully deserving of first the first mention in this article. Having spent many months with the forces camping out; in the brutally cold conditions of Norway, or winter exercises on the prairie in Canada; my emotional winter sleepover's were nothing short of toasty!

The Softie sleeping bag is light and comes with a compression sack so is the ideal space saver. There are several different tog ratings of softie sleeping bag which serve a variety of conditions, I own a Softie 9 for summer,fall and spring and the Softie 15 for those bitter winter nights.

Swiss Eye Army Protective Hunting Ballistic Sunglasses F-18 Olive Frame

Very lightweight and durable; the Swiss eye army protective hunting ballistic sunglasses are no match to the regular army issue.  They offer eye protection from UV 400 rays, side and frontal winds and protect the eye area from Army Patrol Shooting Sunglasses Ballistic Glasses Swiss Eye Apache 3 Lenses Coyote TanCredit: amazonejecting rifle shells. This makes them the perfect choice for soldiers on vehicle and foot patrols in Afghanistan .The swiss eye army protective hunting ballistic sunglasses are also ballistics tested under the NATO standardisation agreement, so forget Oakley and invest in a pair of these.

Lowa Gortex Combat Boots

This tough, German-made mountain boot is ideal in evLowa combat bootsCredit: amazonery climate.  Its comfort and durability never fails to impress.  The general British issue combat assault boots are relatively hardy but no match to the Lowa combat boot.  On first wear-in, the Lowa combat boot feels unusual as though you are walking on a balancing beam; this is a result of the flexed heel moulding itself to your natural foot movement and only lasts for a few days.  Military doctors often authorise special issue of the Lowa combat boots for those with back and leg injuries, as they are known to give sound Achilles support and help reduce pain.

                                               The Softie Jacket

The Softisoftie jacketCredit: amazone Jacket was optionally bought by British soldiers as the army issue fleece was not so popular. Finally the Army caught on and made an informed decision to issue it to the troops (about time too!). Available in a reversible design with pockets on both sides, all major pressure areas like the elbows and cuffs have added patches to prevent wear.  A great space saver and filled with the same material as the softie sleeping bag so this again gets a big thumb from me.