It is very convenient for people to criticize alcohol and drug dependents. Maybe because it’s been a norm of the humanity that addiction is opposed to what is moral.  Yet, addiction has been clinically diagnoses as a chronic disease such that it is not different from asthma, hypertension or diabetes. Substance addiction may seem like a self-imposed way of life, studies established that addiction is a brain disorder in point of fact—a condition of the brain with neurobiological origin that generates a lasting change in the brain.
Abuse in alcohol and drugs can considerably alter the proper formation and work of the brain. The prominent effect is in the brain’s communication system as the nerve cells aptitude to send, receive and process information is the target area of the disease. Some other parts of the brain are also affected such as the limbic region, hippocampus and cortex. This will result to the alteration of the brain’s proper function into the brains adoption to do the incorrect customarily. Taking medications and lifestyle change are not enough measures to treat the disease completely. And while this is an addiction, the likelihood of going back to their old habit is highly expected. This does not indicate, however, that the treatment has botched, yet, this is just an adjustment and the bodily requirement and interaction aspect is subjective to the relapse.
You cannot expect a fast cure for a chronic disease as addiction which is why you should build a solid assistance for drug dependent patients. You must extend your compassion, understanding and a heart to heart connection with the patient. After you’ve comprehend the patient’s needs in every aspect, you will be able to render a help that is truly effective, efficient and genuine into the recovery phase.
A great way to get involved in helping people cope with addiction, especially if you have been indirectly affected by it (you have not been addicted, but a loved one has and you have been emotionally effected by the experience), you may want to visit is the world’s first purposeful social network dedicated to connecting those in need with those who can help.  You may just be able to create a paradigm shift for someone through you own experience and give that person hope and positivity.  
By viewing this illness through a positive paradigm, you may discern new ways in helping drug and alcohol addict patients overcome their illness and infuse hope in themselves. Educating oneself about drug and alcohol addiction can broaden your knowledge in this field and may help you significantly when dealing with patients with such illness.