Canon 60DHaving shot with three of the major brands of video DSLR cameras (Canon, Nikon, and Panasonic), I have learned to not be a "fanboy" of any particular brand or camera. I find that each camera has pros and cons. Over-all, I really enjoy shooting video with DSLR cameras and I really like the quality of the results I get. Having said that, I currently own the Canon 60D and I would like to list the things that I like most about it.

1. Secure Digital (SD) card slot. This is a great feature. The SD media is smaller and it costs less. Plus I have a built in SD slot on my iMac. Note that the 60D will also use SDHC (High capacity) and SDXC (eXtended Capacity) cards, which allow for a lot more storage space.

2. The 60D performs really well for a hand held even when I am just holding the camera. However, I will still be using my shoulder rig just to be safe. Canon says that they put a lot of effort into improving the ergonomics of the body on the 60D. I can believe it because the camera is very easy to work with and doesn’t get uncomfortable to hold over time.

3. In-camera manual audio gain. This is pretty big. Recently, I completed a project at work and fed the audio from the Zoom H4n right into the audio jack of the 60D. It came through well enough for voiceover that I am able to use this to send out to clients.

4. Solid footage. Compared to other brands, I am most impressed with Canon footage and prefer to work with it in post production, especially for color grading. It breaks up less than some of the other brands that I’ve used.

5. The LCD is really nice to focus, it measures three inches diagonal which gives ample viewing surface. And, I find that I can even get really clear focus just by using the LCD.

6. I really like the tilt-swivel LCD, this is of major importance to me. I can get any shot I want without having to contort my body so that I can see the screen.

As I said at the beginning of this review, every camera I have used has had some great features and I am willing to talk about each and every one, but for now the Canon 60D is my camera of choice.