Consistent sales process

Sales methodology

     A DSP or Defined Sales Process is the series of steps that a company sets up to ensure consistency and predictability across the sales organization.  Companies set up DSPs so they can manage their sales force more effectively, and to have visibility and transparency into the sales funnel.  High performing sales organizations use DSP checklists.

    A typical sale goes through several steps, which consist of Prospecting, Qualifying, Presenting, Closing, and Followup/support.  The DSP defines the order of the steps, in a very simple and straightforward way, so they are repeatable and used across the sales team.

     An example of the steps for the Prospecting phase would be to ensure that prospective customer information is entered into the shared CRM or Customer Relationship Management tool, rather than staying just with the salesperson. This should also include the source of the lead, for example was it a Facebook lead, or perhaps a cold call? 

    As much information as possible should be gathered during the Qualification, this is very useful later for closing.  The DSP may include specific qualifying questions, such as "Why is the prospect considering the product or service?"  This helps uncover their buying motive. Four other key questions are:  are they just looking now, or actively considering buying; what other products/services are they considering?; who are the decision makers; what is the available budget; what do they like most/least about the product/service that they are currently using? 

     The next step, for a qualified customer, is the Presentation.  The presentation should be tailored to meet the needs of the customer, and should use the customer pain points that were uncovered during the qualification.  The approach is to continue to engage the customer in a series of questions and trial closes to assess their readiness for closing.

    Closing is the signing of the contract or purchase order.  The actual asking for the order must be included in the DSP, as the last item.  It may also include several closes to bring that to closure.

     The DSP or Defined Sales Process is a checklist that highly successful sales organizations use to step through prospecting, qualifying, presenting, and closing, in a consistent manner.