Let's jump right into exactly how DTS spinal decompression therapy works, what it is and whether it is right for you.

This relatively new idea is to the use the spinal decompression table machine to reduce pressure (in a non surgical manner) that his built up on your discs that run up your spin. To go about this, they actually separate your spinal discs with the machine (DTS unit) from one another in careful and slow manner. As your discs start to separate due to the process of intradiscal-pressure -- a vacuum forms within the gap created. This is then 'sucked out' causing the disc herniation to close up along with the pressure, leaving behind 'degenerated discs' that will start to heal up again (which is aided by the oxygen and nutrients that are 'pulled back in').

DTS Spinal Decompression TherapyCredit: morguefile.comAfter this initial stage with around 8 treatments average (lasting usually around less than 20 minutes), you will have hopefully felt a significant benefit in the reduction in pain for your back and beck. It doesn't stop there though, the therapy goes on to prescribe an exercise plan that is specifically aimed to target three aspects of the support structure on your spine: strength, flexibility and endurance. Over the period of two to three months, you will find the pain you're suffering with should reduce yet further.

Note: the idea behind DTS spinal decompression therapy is long term recovery, not a short term fix.

The DTS spinal decompression video below explains the three steps (i. treatment, ii. stabilization and iii. muscular support) to the process in detail.

Who is it For?

Basically anyone who has pain running along their spine whether it be in your lower back (which is the most common cause), a neck pain or a variety. Anything in your back that is causing you pain, then you should consider DTS decompression therapy. If you are still unsure you can see a chiropractor during a consultation and raise it with them and see if they recommend it or not.

DTS Spinal Decompression Therapy Reviews

The general consensus on the reviews for DTS are actually very positive. As expect, many complain that the common side effects of the therapy are usually just initial back and neck soreness (it gets slightly worse before it gets better) and detail their chronic back pain being with them for sometime but those who have gone well into the course and therapy treatment are more than happy with their results (generally).

Side Effects & Pain?

Just to go over the side effects you might expect. Generally speaking this is one of the most comfortable and easy going back therapies out there. The initial soreness that patients usually speak of is less to do with the Triton DTS table machine and more the exercises that the chiropractor will put you through. A soreness like you would get with any muscle you haven't properly worked in a long time.

The cost of each session with the Triton DTS machine can vary depending on the clinic that you use but as stated above expect anywhere from 6 to 10 visits, costing you around the $100 to $175 price range each time. Expensive? Yes and no (relative to some teeth whitening and dental costs for Invisalign etc. to straighten some teeth, costing well into the $5000 figure). Then some smaller additional fees for their treatment and care program that they have in stage two and three of the DTS spinal decompression therapy. 

Most offices will offer you finance payment plans, if the cost is too overbearing at the start and you are able to use HSA and an FSA if you are eligible to help pay towards the treatment. But, to give you an accurate cost for the entire thing is difficult given different patients will have varying degrees of issues with their spine. This being said a cost estimate of $1200 plus is appropriate.

So is DTS Decompression for the Spine & Neck Worth It?

The majority of patients who have stuck to the treatment program that lasts usually under the two month mark (with continued exercising of core and neck muscles) would probably more than agree (75% of patients treated have noted a significant reduction in the pain felt in their back). However, before jumping right into a clinic that offers it, be sure to read around for reviews and ask around on it -- whether they are competent at doing it.

Chiropractic Mission StatementCredit: amazon.comIn addition to DTS and exercising other therapies are recommended for you to undertake as well such as heat packs, ultrasound, cold laser therapy and muscle stimulation programs are all apart of the treatment package. The idea behind this is to essentially help reduce inflammation to put under less stress as you gradually build up the foundational support for your back and neck that has been worn down to the pressure being placed by the spinal discs.

Why the DTS Spinal Therapy System Is So Successful...

When you apply the science behind it, it becomes rather obvious. It is uses the latest and most advanced technology and techniques to target stabilization of the spine and is constantly able to provide biofeedback on the progress being made. As stated above, this is also used in combination with "proven effective" techniques to aid back care and focused to traction-- essentially helping your back from all possible angles -- this is what makes the whole process (not just the initial work of the Triton DTS table) so effective.