DUI attorney services are available for any individual that makes himself guilty with a DUI felony. If you don't know what's this all about, DUI stands for Driving Under Influence and refers to drivers get caught driving after drinking alcohol. Drunk drinking is prohibited almost all over the civilized world, yet in some countries a small amount of alcohol in the driver's blood is accepted. This doesn't mean that you may drive completely drunk, but at least you can have a beer or a glass of wine, then drive your car without legal consequences.

A DUI attorney can help you get away easier in front of the court. He won't be able to offer you your driving license back without any penalties or fines, but at least your punishment will be diminished and you won't have to go to jail. The drunk driving arrest is a much too serious felony to pass just like that, no matter how brilliant your personal lawyer may be. The way DUI is seen by law differs from state to state. Similarly, DUI attorneys advice and charges would be different. For example, a DUI lawyer in California would probably ask for higher fees, first of all because DUI is a crime according to Californian laws. Even in this state, nobody would take away your right to remain silent and to call a lawyer to assist you when talking with the police representatives.

Another thing the DUI attorney could be able to help you with is filing the SR-22 form, which will help you see your driving license reinstated earlier and which will allow you to still benefit from your auto insurance. You'll probably have to pay higher premiums for the same coverage, because after a DUI conviction you may be classified as a high risk driver. If you have prior DUI or DWI convictions, your case may get extremely complicated, as jurors are ordinary, common people, just like your neighbors, who hate seeing cars killing their kids only because the driver considered he is able to drive when he wasn't even able to walk to his car by himself.

If you get to court, with or without a DUI attorney, make sure you respect a few unwritten rules such as the smart casual dress code and switch off your mobile phone. Don't use chewing gum during your trial and most of all, do your possible best to arrive in time. It's better to get to the courtroom earlier and wait for a while, rather than arriving late or in the last moment, with your breathe taken away and smelling awfully. Your DUI attorney will tell you the same and even more about the DUI trial.