A plea bargain is a definite option if you're facing a serious charge like a DUI. If you've been charged with a DUI, you can be facing severe consequences and fees that can impact you and your future. With a DUI or similar charges on your record, you can end up being excluded from a future job opportunity or even have your driver's license completely revoked. And so, whether you have paid legal defense attorney or planning on representing yourself, you should be aware of the possibilities of doing a plea bargain.

In the legal system, a plea bargain is where penalties or a sentence become much more lenient because the accused agree to plead guilty to a lesser charge instead of the one they were originally charged with which they would go to trial for. In the case of DUIs, however, plea bargains are fairly rare. But be that as it may, a plea bargain is a complete possibility and will exist on the table throughout your case before your actual trial.

When considering a plea bargain, both the government and the lawyers defending and prosecuting you have various incentives to take (or forgo) it. When a prosecutor considers a plea bargain, they look a many factors of your case to decide the amount of leniency they may give to your charge. Depending on the seriousness of your crime (DUI is fairly serious), if there are victims and injuries, the amount of evidence brought against you, and ability and chance that they can get a guilty verdict, the prosecutor counts all these when considering a plea bargain.

Before looking at doing a plea bargain, too, you should consider the penalties a guilty plea can result to you and your lifestyle. If you manage to get a plea bargain, a prosecutor could agree to give you a lesser charge like reckless driving or "open container" violation. Depending on the charge you plead guilty to, you can still have many penalties your quality of life. With a successful conviction, your insurance rates could go up, you could pay a hefty fine, or even get your license suspended.

In any case, getting proper defense for your DUI greatly increases your chance for a favorable plea bargain or even absolution of your charges altogether. If you haven't looked at DUI lawyers yet, you should definitely consider one. If you do decide to "save money" and try to defend yourself, you can end up making a mistake that could cost you for the rest of your life.

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